How to fight against skin problems associated with wearing a mask

How to fight against skin problems associated with wearing a mask

How to fight against skin problems associated with wearing a mask

We know that the mask has become essential in the fight against Covid-19. Unfortunately, this great ally does not have only advantages … Among the negative aspects of wearing a mask, the appearance of many skin problems: eczema, acne, rosacea … DESSANGE explains how to limit these inconveniences and regain beautiful skin.

What are these skin problems related to?

In transport, to go shopping, at work … We all have to wear our masks at one time or another for a shorter or longer period of time. Whether your mask is fabric or surgical, the problem remains the same: your skin is trapped, suffocated for several hours and the friction of the mask on the face can cause irritation. The latter develop even more in periods of high heat where perspiration and humidity aggravate certain skin diseases such as rosacea.

Note also that the humidity linked to the water vapor that we reject while breathing promotes the proliferation of bacteria and microbes causing the appearance of pimples, blackheads and excess sebum … When we breathe with a mask, we deposit on the skin mist as well as odors that come directly from our body. Usually, all these particles escape into the air while there, they remain on the epidermis and tend to damage it.

As you will have understood, the good health of our skin under a mask largely depends on our breath and therefore on our oral and digestive hygiene… But not only!

Frictions on the cheeks, nose, chin etc. can also cause irritation and redness, especially on dry and sensitive skin.

Which beauty routine should you adopt to limit skin problems?

With the wearing of the mask, it is undeniable that he you need to take better care of your skin. So we start with clean it well morning and evening, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and thus limit the appearance of pimples. Of course, we do not ignore a perfect make-up removal before this step (preferably using an oil so as not to attack your skin).

We then apply a moisturizer morning and evening also, to soothe the skin and give it the water and nutrients it needs. Be careful, your skin may not support your usual cream as well since the postage due mask changes skin balance. The needs of the epidermis can therefore be modified.

If this is the case, it will be necessary to apply a lighter cream such as SOS DETOX anti-pollution hydrating fluid. Both light and thirst-quenching, this sensory fluid plumps up and replenishes the skin. At the heart of its formula, detoxifying nasturtium flower extract and dandelion extract with anti-pollution properties boost the radiance of the complexion, while an “anti-thirst” active provides the skin with optimal hydration.

For a deep hydration, apply in a thick layer and on clean skin once or twice a week, INSTANT DE BEAUTÉ Hydrating Mask with Marine Spring Water. This ultra-rejuvenating mask offers a real moment of relaxation and pure hydration to the skin. Thanks to the thirst-quenching action of marine spring water, rich in minerals and trace elements and the hydrating power of hyaluronic acid and collagen of marine origin, the skin is recharged with water.

If you would rather fight against dull complexion, you can use the SOS ÉCLAT Illuminating Fruit Acid Mask. Its formula, enriched with aloe vera and fruit acids, hydrates * and clarifies the skin. The latter is toned and the complexion is fresh and luminous.

Finally, in case of itching or irritation, we will help you recommend the use of a thermal water spray. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and softening properties, you will notice a decrease in itching. Your skin will become more supple and redness due to eczema, rosacea or other skin diseases, will be less noticeable and may even disappear.

If you wear makeup, favor eye makeup but avoid smothering the skin with foundations that further clog the pores. Instead, choose a concealer to apply locally.

What about the body?

Some are sensitive to reactions related to wearing a mask on their face. Know that others are more sensitive to regular hand washing and the use of hydroalcoholic gel. To alleviate these inconveniences, consider exfoliating your hands every week and applying a moisturizer for the hands as often as necessary.

* Instrumental measurements carried out on 10 people.

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