How to go from black to blond?

How to go from black to blond?

How to go from black to blond?

We’ve all wondered what a blonde coloring on our black hair. If some do not even dare to stroke the idea of ​​a such radical change, some, more daring, decide to take the plunge. But be careful, for go from black to blond safely, there is some rules to be continued. DESSANGE explains everything to you.

How to go from black to blond?

To go from black to blond, you must first prepare your hair for fading. Make an appointment with your colorist DESSANGE who will be able to accompany you in this big step, and will advise you on the blond to adopt according to your skin tone and natural hair color. It will also tell you the number of sessions needed for a pretty and natural result.

To avoid damaging your hair fiber, you should never go from black to blonde in a single discoloration. To go smoothly, your hairdresser may suggest that you start with a balayage to lighten your hair. Indeed, highlights and highlights are good alternatives to total discoloration. In all cases, a transition from black to gradual blonde is recommended.

Go from black to blond while avoiding disaster

To go from black to blonde in complete safety and avoid an irrecoverable catastrophe, you must respect some basic rules.

First, pay attention to the healthy hair. If your hair is damaged or very weakened, we advise you to wait before going from black to blond.

The bleaching process can be very aggressive on the hair and you may end up with hair that looks like straw. Take the time to prepare your head change by pampering your hair, by taking care of them as much as possible. Do not hesitate to abuse shampoos and moisturizing masks : the hair will never be too hydrated.

If you are eternally impatient, you will most certainly want to go from black to blonde as soon as the urge to change your mind has crossed your mind. Arm yourself with patience. Of course, we strongly advise againstto go from black to blond on my own in your bathroom: make an appointment with your hairdresser to avoid any disaster. The DESSANGE colorists will know how to accompany you in this great hair change.

No matter what type of blonde you want to achieve, you will have to go through the box discoloration. Going from black to blonde will ask several discolorations. DESSANGE experts then advise to proceed in stages to obtain a natural result. If you decide to go from black to blonde in one step, you are sure to ruin your hair and the result is likely to be very disappointing.

Keep in mind that the darker your hair, the more steps you will take. The advantage of gradual lightening is that you can stop everything along the way if you realize that ultimately the light is not for you.

Don’t skimp on care

Once you’ve got your dream blonde, you have to take care of it to keep it as long as possible! Indeed, going from black to blond by bleaching your hair is the styling process that weakens it the most. This is why it is important to take care of your hair daily.

For this, we advise you toapply Dry Hair Oil to your hair the day before each shampoo and leave to act overnight.

Then use Shampoo and moisturizer with each wash. To preserve your pretty shade of blonde, invest in Shampoos and color optimizing treatments and do not forget to protect your hair during your prolonged exposure to the sun using Symbio Sun Desert Date Oil Multi Protector Veil. Its formula contains a sun filter and is enriched with desert date oil * and seaside plant extract. These protect the hair from drying out and preserve its color.

What maintenance for blonde hair color?

To properly maintain a blonde color, start by replacing your usual products with blonde hair products. In addition to regular moisturizing care, you should once a week or every two weeks, do yellowing care to keep a nice shade of blonde and prevent it from turning yellow or green.

The maintenance of your new hair color is not just limited to the use of new hair products … Some habits can also be avoided:

  • Limit the use of heating devices (straightener, hair dryer) which further damage the hair fiber
  • Avoid tying your hair too tightly : a hairstyle requiring an elastic that is too tight will tend to break hair already weakened by discoloration

Make an appointment with your DESSANGE colorist approximately every six weeks in order to retouch your roots and keep a glowing blonde.

Finally, last but not least advice: be vigilant timing to go from black to blond. Indeed, we must avoid going from black to fair blond before leaving on vacation at the sea. Sun, chlorine and sea water are terrible on bleached hair. You wouldn’t want to end up with green hair, would you?

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