How to hold your lipstick under your mask?

How to hold your lipstick under your mask?

How to hold your lipstick under your mask?

Since the decree of the compulsory wearing of the mask, this question is on everyone’s lips … Some of us have resigned themselves, saying to ourselves that it was no longer useful to put on, but others can not decide. pass it! DESSANGE delivers its tips for holding lipstick under the mask, despite humidity and friction.

Mask VS lipstick: why choose?

Many of us tell ourselves that it is no longer necessary to wear lipstick since no one sees it… Remember that we wear make-up first and foremost for either. It is therefore a shame to give up this habit which for some, does a lot of good for morale!
So, of course, wearing a mask (almost) all day does not make our task easier on the application and hold side, but know that there is some techniques to get by like a pro.

Make a scrub to prepare your lips

the Gentle lip scrub is a must for take care of the lips and guarantee perfect makeup. Its sugar grains exfoliate small skin and its delicious and creamy texture leaves the lips comfortable, soft and perfectly smooth. This scrub will allow an even application of your lipstick and will prevent it from cracking in a few hours.

Moisturize and nourish your lips in depth

After a scrub it is essential to hydrate and nourish deeply the affected area. The ultra-nourishing lip, face and body balm soothes, relieves and intensely nourishes dry areas of the face and body. Upon application, your lips will regain all their comfort and will become less sensitive to external aggressions. Indeed, one could believe that the mask has at least the advantage of protecting against this type of inconvenience… Even if this is not completely wrong, it also tends to dry out the lips very quickly.

Make way for color!

Once the above steps are completed, your lips will be ready to welcome the most vibrant colors! Before applying your lipstick, wait a bit for the moisturizing balm to penetrate your skin well.
Then use a pencil to draw the outline of your lips, (it will prevent the lipstick from spinning in the fine lines while fixing it for a better hold) then color the inside.
For that, prefer a brush application : thus, the layer of lipstick will be thinner, which will prevent you from having a clump of texture ready to overflow under your mask.
As for lipstick, choose liquid with a long-lasting formula, or “classic” but with a matte formula. Finally, absorb the excess material as much as possible with a paper tissue.

You can also apply a light veil of talc on your lips or a setting powder to create a top coat effect *. Do not hesitate to do a touch-up during the day if the material has faded a little.

Finally, be aware that even if they are less environmentally friendly than fabric masks, surgical masks absorb less lipsticks.

* Topcoat

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