How to maintain curly hair at home?

How to maintain curly hair at home?

How to maintain curly hair at home?

Naturally more fragile than straight hair, curly hair requires special attention as well as gentle and daily care. To help you tackle beautiful curls in all circumstances, DESSANGE gives you its advice to maintain your curly hair as in a salon.

How to maintain your curly hair?

To maintain your curly hair at home, DESSANGE recommends that you:

  • Do not wash them too often
  • Choosing a gentle shampoo for curly hair
  • Use an after-wash treatment suitable for your curly hair
  • Dry your hair gently

Don’t wash them too often

This first tip applies to all hair types, but applies even more to curly hair. To keep beautiful curls smooth and well hydrated, do not perform no more than two shampoos per week. And while it’s nice to bask in a hot shower, limit the water temperature. Also, if cold water is ideal for tightening the scales of the hair and making them less dull, it is less so for eliminating the sebum responsible for oily hair. The best solution is therefore to opt for washing with lukewarm water.

Choose the right shampoo

To pamper your curls, choose mild shampoos or Cleansing milks for curly hair. DESSANGE offers cleansing treatments enriched with jojoba oil and baobab extract allowing to gently cleanse the scalp, while energizing and hydrating your curls.

Moisturize your curly hair

Maintaining your curly hair also requires a rigorous moisturizing routine. You can use a moisturizing mask enriched with illipe or shea butter, tiger nut or babassu oil, or even beeswax. Depending on the treatment you select, you can apply it after your shampoo to damp hair, and leave it on for 5 to 15 minutes, before rinsing it with plenty of lukewarm water.

For hydration throughout the day, you can also use a Day Cream for curly hair that you just need to apply to your dry or damp hair. Without rinsing, this treatment will bring curve and spring to your curls.

Gently dry your hair

Last but not least, pay attention to your drying technique. Maintaining curly hair requires gently dry. If you have time, hand-wring your hair first, then gently blot it with a towel to absorb the water. The ideal is to choose a very absorbent cotton towel. You can then wrap your hair in a dry towel to finish drying.

If you don’t have time to spare, a hair dryer is still a viable option. DESSANGE hairdressers commonly use it in the salon, taking care to maintain an average temperature for do not attack the hair, and directing the hair dryer downward or to the side so as not to send the hot air stream directly to the scalp. To dry your curly hair, we will also recommend using a diffuser, an ideal hair dryer attachment for obtaining well-defined curls without damaging your hair.

How to style curly hair?

Following your maintenance routine for curly hair requires a good expertise in styling technique.

Forget the brush!

For beautiful, well-defined curls, you can say goodbye to your brush or thin combs that are likely to break your hair. Instead, style by hand by running your fingers through your hair.

Use the right styling product

Finally, to tame your curls, it is important to select the right styling products:

  • Curl revealing cream: halfway between moisturizers and styling products, creams are the best friends of women and their curly hair. They ensure the structure and maintenance of curls, making them more airy and fighting frizz.
  • Curl structuring foam: perfect for shaping curls, this structuring foam will cover the hair fiber, ensure the maintenance of your curls and give them volume.
  • Energizing curl water: used in the form of a spray, the waters are known to provide spring and dynamism to your curls while giving them a natural lightness and suppleness.

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