how to maintain your curls?

how to maintain your curls?

how to maintain your curls?

If you have curly hair, you are certainly envious! And yet very few people realize the care and time required for the maintenance of curly hair. This is because curly hair tends to be dry and difficult to tame. DESSANGE experts bring you their advice to get beautiful curls and healthy hair.

How to maintain your curls on a daily basis?

To maintain your curls, the first step is to build a hair routine suitable for curly and frizzy hair. Indeed, moisturizing care and nourishing care do not address the same issues. Each woman will therefore have to create a personalized routine, adapted to the nature of her hair and the specific needs of her curls.

Why is my hair curling less?

Different causes can be at the origin of hair which curls less:

  • Your hair is weakened : the excessive and intensive use of heating devices can have serious consequences on the beauty of curly hair. Excessive heat damages the hair fiber and changes the texture of the hair and its ability to form beautiful, light and defined curls. The use of inappropriate care, styling products or the application of coloring or straightening products can also be the cause of the lack of resilience of your curls.
  • Your hair does not receive the appropriate care : To have beautiful curly hair, you must pay attention to the care you give it. If your curls no longer have the same definition, the routine you are using may not suit the nature of your hair. To care for your curly and frizzy hair, DESSANGE has developed a range of treatments for curly hair.
  • Your hair is too long : long hair is heavier hair. As some weight is exerted on the roots, your curls will gradually stretch over the months. It is then possible to notice several areas: flat at the top, curly / loose in the middle and relaxed towards the ends.

8 expert tips for caring for curly hair

To take care of your curls, you must first of all get rid of the idea that healthy hair is always smooth and well-groomed. Well-groomed, drawn and supple curls are of indescribable splendor. Accepting your hair nature is the first step in taking care of it.

Determine your type of curls

To get the best from your curls, you first need to define their type. Traditionally, there are two types of curls:

  • Buckles thick
  • Buckles light

While a simple cut generally allows thick curls to regain their vitality, light curls require much more attention and the application of specific care.

Differentiate between hydration and nutrition

In the hair care departments, it’s hard to choose. Before you go looking for the miracle product to maintain your curly hair, learn to read shampoo labels and determine their scope:

  • Moisturizers keep your curls supple and plump and usually consists of care based on water, aloe vera or glycerin. Choose moisturizers if your curly hair is dry.
  • Nourishing care keeps your curly hair strong and thick for well-defined curls. They prevent the hair from forming split ends and breaking. Nourishing treatments are generally based on oil, butters or proteins.

Adapt your shampoo

Shampoo is the main product in your hair routine. For a healthy base, you need to choose it with great care.

If you don’t need nourishing care, avoid oil-based shampoos or even shampoo creams, often too oily, which will only weigh down your curls.

If your curls are lacking in volume, you can turn to volumizing shampoos that stimulate the scalp and lift the roots.

Be careful, although a shampoo is said to be gentle, moisturizing or nourishing, it remains a cleansing product that can dry out the hair and scalp. To keep your curls healthy, try to limit the number of shampoos to 2 per week.

Apply a mask after each shampoo

This is the basics for top hair! Hair masks are essential for nourishing her curly hair. DESSANGE hairdressers recommend applying a hair mask at least twice a week.

For better distribution of nourishing active ingredients, you can wrap your hair in a hot towel to open the hair fiber.

Beware of heating devices

Whatever the nature of your hair, the heat dries the hair fiber, promotes breakage and the appearance of split ends. Whether it is the hair dryer or the straightener, take a break from their use, use a heat-protective treatment before use or avoid them as much as possible.

If you don’t have time to air dry your hair, choose cold air drying or use a hair dryer with a diffuser.

Invest in leave-in care

As the name suggests, leave-in care is applied after shampooing and does not rinse out. All the active ingredients can therefore be absorbed by the hair throughout the day.

Applied to towel-dried hair, they moisturize and therefore define the crimp of curly hair. They are very interesting to use if you have dry hair, but you still have to choose the right formula:

  • If your curls are tight, they will definitely need hydration. It is therefore a hair cream that you need
  • If your curly hair is softer, but has somewhat flat roots, choose lighter formulas like fluids or sprays

Take care of your curls while sleeping

When you sleep, your curly hair suffers a lot from friction with your sheets. To have pretty curls when you wake up, adopt the pineapple bun hairstyle : tie your curly hair into a bun on top of your head.

You can also sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase, to keep your curls hydrated and hair looking beautiful.

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