How to make the Plated-Défilé?

How to make the Plated-Défilé?

How to make the Plated-Défilé?

From the podiums to the red carpet, there is only one step! And every year the Cannes film festival is the perfect opportunity to wear the most glamorous outfits and show off the most daring and sophisticated hairstyles to the world.
the “Must-have” of this 71st edition? the Plated-parade !

This is why the DESSANGE house decipher this trendy hairstyle for you and give you all its secrets to try to reproduce it.

Step 1 :
Flatten your hair backwards to the top of the neck using the Strong Hold Sculpting Gel. Be careful not to apply too much product to prevent your hair from being too frozen and cardboard.

Step 2 :
Spray a few pressures of Texturizing Water on your hair to give it texture and support before creating your waves.

Step 3 :
Divide your lengths into equal parts, then do about a quarter or even a half turn with your straightener. Be careful never to let go of your wick so that it twists in the inner movement of the straightener.

Step 4 :
At the junction of this contrast of matter, flat hair and free hair, position flat pliers in parallel, crossed or falsely disorganized, to choose according to your desires.

Our pro tip : To make sure your celebrity hairstyle lasts all night long, spray Style Fixing Spray all over your hair. This will allow you to perfectly fix your hairstyle while protecting it against humidity thanks to its “anti-frizz” action.

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