How to make up a round face for fall 2014?

How to make up a round face for fall 2014?

How to make up a round face for fall 2014?

Every day, women wear makeup regardless of their morphology. Today, we give Julie a makeover, with a make-up for round face with fall 2014 trends. The objective: a good-looking makeup natural enough to wear with your glasses and to start the year in style!

Makeup for round face: how to have a perfect complexion?

The first thing to do when you want to achieve beautiful makeup is to take care of your complexion.

1 – After the day cream I apply the Make up finish base all over the face. Miracle complexion straightener, it smooths wrinkles, fine lines or dilated pores. Its gel texture fills small skin imperfections. It mattifies foundations and stabilizes makeup. It is therefore an essential step.

2 – Small imperfections are corrected with a green corrector applied with a brush by touch. The green illuminating corrector ensures a harmonious complexion, without imperfections. It is ideal for correcting diffuse redness and rosacea. You are now with a unified complexion.

3 – We give light with the complexion illuminator: I apply the SLA complexion illuminator in small steps, then I blend with light patches to illuminate the complexion as well as to combat dark circles and imperfections.

4 – We finish with the compact powder ultra fine and soft micronized formula for extra long-lasting hold. I apply it using a Kabuki brush to spread the color well all over the face.

We gently make up the eyes!

1 – For the eyes, opt for a light color on the entire eyelid and darker on the outer edge. I chose a plum that will go very well to Julie’s complexion and that sticks to trends for fall 2014.

2 – Apply a brown pencil flush with the lashes below and above to give depth to the gaze.

3 – Redraw the eyebrow with a specially designed pencil

4 – Do not forget the mascara to give thickness and length to the eyelashes. Watch out for packages!

Cheeks and lips!

We stay in a very natural makeup. We therefore avoid too dark colors.

For a round face I use a cream blush. A real complexion enhancer, this cream blush provides an incredible healthy glow effect. Its creamy texture, easy to apply and long-lasting, allows it to blend perfectly into the skin for an ultra natural finish. I apply it to the finger.

For the lips, I use the lip contour dermographic pencil which emphasizes the lips in order to make them even more plumper opera purple color.

We end with the Precious Nature Balm, vtrue lip care: a soft, creamy texture. It protects, nourishes and smoothes the lips for a transparent and natural result and reduces roughness leaving the lips soft, supple and velvety. I apply the balm to all of the lips using the Serge Louis Alvarez lip brush n ° 04.

There you go, it’s over. Julie is made up in a natural way, guaranteed healthy glow! We can be round and beautiful and I can prove it to you! You can find all the advice on my site.

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