How to make up blue eyes?

How to make up blue eyes?

How to make up blue eyes?

If you have blue eyes, you might be wondering how to highlight your eyes. Makeup for blue eyes is a delicate art, the success of which is due to the choice of colors and their harmony. DESSANGE Beauty Mag makeup experts give you all the tips to perfect your makeup.

Colors to avoid for blue eye makeup!

When it comes to clothing, it is customary to seek to coordinate colors. In makeup, it’s the opposite, we focus on contrasts to bring out the look. The faux pas to absolutely avoid is blue eye shadow. This tone on tone weighs down and dulls the gaze. This is the rule regardless of the color of the eyes: avoid matching your eye shadow with the color of your eyes, because the objective is precisely to bring out the latter, thanks to the contrast of the colors. . If, however, you absolutely want to use blue, go for a very dark and trendy shade, like midnight blue, and create a separation using black or gray, at the root of the lashes.

Green is also difficult to match with blue.

The ideal colors for blue eyes

Professional makeup artists use the oppositions of the color wheel to find out which colors come together, called complementary colors. The more we play on the contrasts, the more the colors will be enhanced in harmony. The complementary color of blue is orange.

Of course, we’re not talking about painting your eyelids a vitamin orange color. For blue eyes, all shades of light brown are therefore suitable, from beige to taupe, as well as more summery colors derived from coral.

In summary, blue eyes can afford both warm makeup colors and cool colors.

  • Warm colors: brown, earth, caramel, bronze, beige, peach, apricot
  • Cool colors: coral, purple or pink

Remember to use an eyelid primer to help make makeup hold.

[N’hésitez pas à consulter notre article sur le primer paupières.]

If your fixed eyelid is higher than your movable eyelid, your eyes will appear to be rather small. A subtle matter of cheating is then to use the banana technique, by degrading the dark color in the crease of the eyelid, straddling the fixed eyelid and the mobile eyelid. This will make the size of the former smaller and the size of the latter larger. Be careful, however, never to bring the color up to the browbone. It must remain clear to bring luminosity to the gaze.

Conversely, if your eyes are large or rounded in shape, you can “frame” them by applying a line of beige or brown pencil to the lower lining of the eye. This will accentuate the almond shape.

To complement blue eye makeup

The advantage of blue eyes is that they require very little makeup. A generous coat of mascara and a line of eyeliner are enough to sublimate the face. To bring out blue eyes, it is indeed essential to use mascara. It will thicken, lengthen or curl the lashes, depending on the brush shape chosen. It can be discreet, in a brown version; classic, in black version, or original, in plum version. If you have very light eyelashes, brown is still the best option to avoid having a too conspicuous differential.

However, avoid blue mascara and favor harmony with your eye shadow.

What about an evening makeup for blue eyes?

For an evening make-up or a special occasion, dare a more intense make-up. With a smokey glamor and a line of eyeliner to give more depth and intensity to the look. Black eyeliner is perfect for blue eyes because it brightens the eyes. As for eye shadow color, we will opt for charcoal tones of plum, black, gray or dark brown, which will bring out the blue color, and even gold, to enhance the look. Apply color only to the outer corner and crease of the eyelid. To open up the eyes more, bring light with a touch of ivory, beige or pearl in the inner corner of the eye.

Finally, as a final touch, place a touch of very light shadow under the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye to add light.

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