How to promote hair growth?

How to promote hair growth?

How to promote hair growth?

Have you always dreamed of XXL lengths but never had the patience to wait for your hair to grow? Take advantage of the time you are spending at home to put into practice these few tips that will promote the growth of your hair.

How to promote hair growth?

To give your hair a boost and gain length and density, there are a few tips that you can easily apply on a daily basis.

Wash your hair properly

If washing your hair is a ritual that you do automatically, certain actions must be adapted to promote hair growth and keep them healthy.

Firstly, always choose your shampoo according to your scalp. It’s the care that will then have to be adapted to the state of your lengths and ends.

Before going in the shower, detangle your hair when it’s still dry using a boar bristle brush to facilitate smoothing. This is because water tends to make hair more sensitive to breakage.

Once in the shower, you can do your classic shampoo by massaging in circles with your fingertips. Avoid rubbing your scalp with your nails: they mobilize the sebaceous glands and promote the production of sebum.

Do scalp scrubs

This trick is very little known and yet it greatly promotes hair growth.

The bulb, the living part of the hair, is implanted in the scalp. It is he who produces the hair fiber. If it is too exposed to pollution, to cigarettes or to an excess of products, the hair sees its life cycle completely disrupted and grows more slowly and less well.

To eliminate residues of shampoo, pollution, dead cells and optimize the penetration of the active ingredients of your cleansing treatments, scrub the scalp once a week before shampooing.

Scalp scrubs can be found in our shop but you can do it at home by mixing olive oil with coarse salt or coffee grounds.

Apply directly to the scalp and massage with the fingertips in circular movements. These movements also activate micro-circulation and stimulate hair growth.

Adapt your diet

To activate hair growth, it must be in good health. And the health of your hair is also about what you put on your plate. Your diet should be balanced and you should favor certain foods if you want to see results faster.

Among the foods known to improve hair growth are:

  • Lean red meat
  • Eggs
  • Bananas
  • Oats
  • The green vegetables
  • Oysters
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Fatty fish
  • The lemon
  • Nuts

For an extra boost, use food supplements based on brewer’s yeast, zinc, vitamins and amino acids … These contribute to maintaining the growth of hair but also nails.

Myths around hair growth

When it comes to hair, we hear all kinds of things and some myths persist. So what are the biggest misconceptions about our hair?

Cutting your hair on full moon nights speeds up hair growth

According to an old legend, the full moon is the perfect time to cut your hair. The lunar rays would have wonderful effects which would stimulate hair growth and make them more beautiful and resistant …

Of course, no scientific evidence has been established for this old belief: the hair grows from the root and the moon has nothing to do with their growth.Hair grows faster when cut regularly

It is a very widespread belief and yet, it is completely wrong. Hair grows at the root, not the ends. Cutting them will certainly help you get rid of the forks, their thus giving a healthy appearance, but will certainly not accelerate their growth. If you want beautiful, long hair, there’s no point in cutting it too often. Do this only when your ends are too damaged and the treatment is no longer working.

Growth boosting shampoos work

Growth boosting shampoos do not accelerate hair growth and would even be counterproductive. They tend to dry out the scalp and weaken the hair depending on the components present. Instead, choose mild shampoos that will gently cleanse your scalp.

Note that on average, a hair gains 1 to 1.5 cm per month. It will therefore still be necessary to remain patient because changes will not be seen in a few days. However, for the more impatient, there is still the extensions option. These will allow you to earn instantly in volume and length ! To learn all about this process, quickly make an appointment in a salon with your DESSANGE expert.

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