How to style a round face even if you only have 5 minutes

How to style a round face even if you only have 5 minutes

How to style a round face even if you only have 5 minutes

Highlighting her round face with a nice hairstyle and proper makeup is simple. It is necessary focus on height and volume of the hairstyle in order to lengthen the face. The round face shape does not have angular features but beautiful cheekbones that give an angelic, almost childish air. All cuts are suitable for the round face as long as they slim the face, soften it and if you opted for an asymmetrical cut?

Round faces are very feminine, they give off an aura of softness and youth. Indeed, time marks much less round faces than others!

Each face morphology corresponds to a haircut. To forbid for round faces, bangs, straight bobs, parting in the middle, long flat hair in a ponytail that accentuates your round face and makes you look like a child. Add volume above the head and on the sides. Taper, shape your hairstyle. In the morning, a simple shower, a rustle of fingers in your hair and you are ready to go.

Taper your hairstyle

Do not hesitate to have your hairstyle tapered by a good hairdresser who will be able to advise you and use the scissors in the right places. Raw, crisp bangs aren’t for you. Prefer the tapered bangs which soften your face.

The degraded or asymmetrical cuts soften your childish face. You can taper your bangs or sides yourself using scissors.

Many examples can be found on Youtube, let yourself be guided and innovate!

Don’t look like a sheep anymore

To do at home, a soft and voluminous brushing. If you have the knack in 10 minutes you will be styling and ready to go out, taking care to spray which drops of fixing spray. No more perms that grill your hair and make you look like a sheep. These are airy, natural and pretty hairstyles for a round face that is begging to be highlighted. Use large brushes and not models with tight teeth to air your hairstyle.

Oprah Winfrey has it all: a mid-length cut with pretty curls

To be consulted before changing the cut:

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