How to treat oily skin?

How to treat oily skin?

How to treat oily skin?

Do you have oily skin and not sure how to take good care of it? Contrary to what one might think, oily skin needs as much hydration as others. But be careful, you should select the products suitable for this type of skin. DESSANGE tells you everything.

What is oily skin?

Just like the types of hair (fine, curly, thick, smooth …) there are different skin types. Oily skin usually produces excess sebum, which tends to make certain areas of the face shine (particularly the T zone: face and nose). Without an adapted skincare routine, sebum may accumulate and lead to the appearance of blackheads, pimples and other manifestations of acne. An adapted skincare routine helps to restore the natural balance of the skin to regulate sebum production and reveal a glowing complexion.

Step 1: cleaning

Take the time to thoroughly cleanse your face twice a day. In the morning when you wake up and in the evening on perfectly cleansed skin. You can use Skin Perfecting Lotion for this. This two-phase lotion purifies and softens the skin in a single step. Its formula boosts the radiance of the complexion, mattifies without drying out and helps to refine the skin texture. Enriched with a micro-exfoliating agent, white clay powder, extracts of nasturtium flower and dandelion, this lotion removes impurities, pollution and excess sebum. Over the course of the applications, the skin regains its balance, it appears clearer and the pores seem tightened *.

Step 2: hydration

Having oily skin doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be hydrated! On the contrary: contrary to popular belief, for the skin to regulate its sebum production (so that it understands that it should not produce more), it is necessary to provide it with fatty substances. Every morning and evening, following your skin cleansing, apply a knob of HIGH CORRECTION Perfecting Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Fluid. A real anti-wrinkle treatment, this non-comedogenic ** hydrating fluid is ideal for combination to oily and / or blemish-prone skin which need to be mattified while being hydrated. Its precious assets have been specially selected for a 2-step result. As soon as it is applied, its light and non-greasy texture with a “peach skin” touch acts as a “Blurring” of imperfections for a “zero defect” skin : the pores are tightened, the skin texture refined, the complexion clear and unified. After 4 weeks, the skin is softer, more elastic, smoother, imperfections (marks, scars, spots, etc.) reduced, the complexion more radiant ***.

Step 3: the scrub

Once a week, revamp your skin with the enzymatic exfoliating mask. This creamy gel with a “honey” texture grain-free exfoliates (and thus avoids the risk of micro lesions) to promote cell renewal and obtain a instant beauty result. Your skin will then be ready to assimilate assets as well as possible that you will apply to it afterwards and to maximize their effects.

Tip: if your skin shines too much during the day, don’t hesitate to keep a few sheets of mattifying paper for the face in the corner of your bag. These will allow you to absorb the excess sebum present on your skin anytime and anywhere!

* Use test carried out under dermatological control on 22 women for 14 days, twice daily application – self-assessment results.
** Instrumental test carried out on 12 people.

*** Use test carried out on 20 women for 4 weeks, twice daily application – self-assessment results.

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