how to use them well?

how to use them well?

how to use them well?

Like sunscreen, protective hair sprays are a must during the summer. Whether you have swept, colored or natural hair, these products will allow you to keep hair shiny by protecting it from external aggressions.

Sun protection for hair, what for?

Summer, wind, salt water, chlorine or even the sun attack your hair. These protective treatments help protect them from UVA and UVB rays to prevent them from becoming dry, brittle or damaged. These products also protect colored hair, so that it keeps its shine, and prevents blond hair from turning green.

Often provided with an SPF, these haircare products have the mission of forming a barrier against UV filters which, when combined with salt water, only deeply damage the hair fiber. This is because the salt crystals found in seawater cling to your hair after swimming. When the sun hits your hair, the action of UV rays is amplified which tends to burn the hair.

How to use them?

At the beach, to protect your hair as much as possible, it is essential to rinse it with clean water before and after each swim. Before because thanks to fresh water, the hair will absorb less salt and will therefore be less subject to the harmful effects of the combination of sun and salt water. Rinsing them afterwards will allow you to free them from the salt crystals and prevent deterioration of the hair during exposure to the sun.

The application of your sun protection for hair is done after having rinsed them with clear water, before your swimming. When you come back up, take the shower to rinse your hair again. Then, as with sunscreen, renew the application of your hair protection if you think you are going to be in the sun. This process also applies when you go out to the pool.

On the other hand, if you expose yourself to the sun without contact with water (salted or chlorinated), we recommend the use of a spray rather than an oil. The spray can be used more on dry hair, without the risk of leaving a greasy film on the hair.

Finally, in addition to these treatments to be used at the time of exposure, we advise you to also adopt during the summer, a shampoo and mask routine for hair exposed to the sun.
These, designed specifically to eliminate all traces of salt, chlorine and other sun products, will help you preserve your hair throughout the summer, by restoring softness, strength and hydration.

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