How to wash your hair properly?

How to wash your hair properly?

How to wash your hair properly?

Washing hair ? Nothing could be simpler and more banal, you think! It is true that it is a gesture that we repeat several times a week, without really asking any questions … However, this act, which has become automatic, is not necessarily well executed. DESSANGE gives you advice for effective washing while taking care of your scalp.

Mistakes to avoid

The most common mistake is often too much and unnecessary use of poorly distributed shampoo. Indeed, the product that is poured into the palm of the hand is found concentrated on the top of the head and is poorly distributed over the rest of the hair which therefore remains poorly washed.

The right actions to adopt

Foremost, take the time to brush your hair in order to remove most of the impurities, dust and residues.

Then choose a shampoo suitable for your scalp and your hair type. Wet your hair with lukewarm water, then drop some of your shampoo in the palm of your hand. Distribute it first on the front of your head, at the level of the forehead. Take a little product that you spread this time around the temples, and finally in the back of the neck. When the shampoo is well distributed all over, rub with your fingertips to distribute it on all the areas. feel free to Gently massage your scalp using gentle circular motions to activate blood circulation. Finally, put a little product on the lengths and ends. Leave on for a few moments so that your shampoo absorbs the impurities.

Double this operation. Indeed, it is necessary to always do two shampoos: the first to wash (remove sebum, styling products) and the second to treat.

Take your time for rinsing

Rinsing may seem trivial. However, it is as important as washing and should even last longer! You should rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water, until you have the sensation of a rough hair. If the hair slips, if it is too soft, it means that there is shampoo left. All product should be removed carefully, from roots to ends. For those with long and / or thick hair, do not hesitate to lift your hair strand by strand, tilt your head back and forth and to the sides to eliminate all traces of foam. Finish with a final rinse in cold water to give your hair a little boost and close their scales.

The use of masks and hair care

The routine mentioned above is also valid for the treatments and masks to be carried out before or after your shampoo. Complementary hair care is recommended to keep hair vigorous and hydrated. To be done once a week or more according to the needs of your hair, while rinsing it well between each step.


Now that your hair is clean, it’s time to blow dry it. To roughly remove the water that soaks them, start with them well. wring out with your hands. Then apply a towel to your head to pre-dry as much as possible. Be careful not to rub your hair which could attack the hair fiber (more sensitive when the hair is wet). Wrap a towel around your head and let it “drink” the water for a few minutes. If the ideal is then to let your hair air dry, you don’t always have time for this. If so, don’t panic, the hair dryer does not necessarily damage the hair fiber. Just don’t hold it too close to your hair while it is heating up.

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