How to wear a flashy lipstick?

How to wear a flashy lipstick?

How to wear a flashy lipstick?

Spring gives you cravings for color, and vitamin lipstick. To spice up a look and makeup, what better than a red, coral or pink mouth? But it’s not always easy to dare these shades and know how to match your makeup. DESSANGE Beauty Mag delivers its advice for makeup that highlights the mouth.

Why fall for flashy lipstick?

Bright color on the lips is an eye-catcher. This is also an excellent trick to divert attention when you have drawn features or dull eyes. More generally, eye makeup will be very natural, in shades nude, so as not to overdo it.

For a lively shade, matte lipsticks are just as flattering as satin ones. And their texture offers a velvety comfort that does not dry out.

Prepare your lips for makeup

The hold of the red is optimized by applying, the night before bedtime, a thick layer of balm. We wake up with soft and hydrated lips. It is recommended to also apply it just before applying makeup, to smooth and plump the lips. This optimizes the hold of the makeup. The ultra-nourishing SOS Comfort balm soothes, relieves and intensely nourishes dry areas of the face, especially the lips and the wings of the nose. Nourishing babassu and rosehip oils help to soften and supple the skin and also help maintain hydration by forming a protective film on the surface. Upon application, the lips regain their comfort and become less sensitive to external aggressions.

Make up her mouth with a flashy lipstick

For lip makeup, start by drawing the outline of the lips with a lip liner in the same color as your lipstick. Lightly color the inside of the lips with the same pencil and apply the lipstick in two stages: a first layer, from which you will remove the excess by biting a paper tissue, then a second layer of lipstick to boost the color .

It is more harmonious to coordinate your blush with your lipstick. A rosy blush if your lips are in shades of red or pink. An orange blush if your lips are in shades of brown or coral.

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