How to wear the curtain fringe?

How to wear the curtain fringe?

How to wear the curtain fringe?

Ensuring a femme fatale look, the bangs make more than one dream … But be careful because they can quickly give a side too strict. Many women then turned to a much gentler alternative for the facial features: the curtain fringe. Inspired by the hairstyles of the 70s, it is the hairstyle of the moment, already seen on the heads of many celebrities. But then, if it lends itself wonderfully to the red carpet, how to wear it in everyday life?

What is curtain fringe?

A curtain bangs, or “curtain bangs” in English, is a slightly long bangs that will be positioned on each side of the face to give this “curtain” effect. We generally keep the parting well in the middle to bring symmetry to the bangs.

Inspired by Brigitte Bardot and updated by celebrities and influencers, curtain bangs give a very “Frenchy” side and are very practical to wear every day. It probably is the trendiest hairstyle of the moment. Moreover, you just have to scroll through your Instagram feed to realize it.

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How to wear the curtain fringe?

The curtain fringe is generally worn straight, smooth and thick. For a more retro Brigitte Bardot look, this fringe can be worn curved. To do this, use a hair dryer and a round brush. Otherwise, let yourself be tempted by the Coiffé-Décoiffé style which lends itself perfectly to curtain fringes.

On the hairstyle side, the curtain bangs will add character to any classic cut: simply straightened hair, a bun, high or low ponytail …

Who can wear the curtain bangs?

If the curtain bangs became popular and can be seen on many women, it not suitable for all hair textures and must be adapted to each face shape to sublimate it. Be vigilant!

Find the right bangs for your face

The curtain fringe on a square face is not prohibited. On the contrary when it is rounded, it comes bring roundness and softness to the square face while breaking the harsh lines. For even more softness, opt for its long version.

If you have an oval face, the question does not arise. You are one of the lucky ones to whom all the bangs go so take advantage.

If you have a round face, you can consider the curtain fringe. If you choose it short and tapered, it will allow you to lengthen your face, rejuvenated by your full cheeks.

If you have a big forehead, the curtain fringe is a great idea to subtly hide it.

Whether you sport a short or long hairstyle, the curtain bangs will look just as stylish but will look more impressive on a long bob or on mid-length hair.

Curtain bangs, for which hair?

The curtain fringe is recommended for straight but thick hair, with volume to be able to sufficiently cover the forehead. Women with thin hair will go for a locker bang instead.

If you have thin hair but you dream of wearing these bangs, you can take the plunge but you will have to work on your bangs every morning. The idea will be tobring maximum volume. For this, all techniques are possible. You can use a volume enhancer spray, backcomb your hair or even make a brushing with a round brush.

If you have the curly hair, the curtain fringe is not recommended or you will need lengthen it a bit to avoid the headphone effect and the hair that goes up. You will also have to remember to work your bangs with wax to shape them to your liking and to carry out regular care for curly hair so that they do not frizz.

What are the different styles of curtain bangs?

There are three styles of curtain bangs to choose from: long, short, and taper.

Long curtain bangs is ideal for women with long hair who want to try their hand at the trend without taking too much risk. The long bangs keep, as the name suggests, a certain length which can be passed behind the ear. It will then be mainly a styling game to obtain the desired effect.

Short curtain bangs is a fringe that offers the classic bangs length much less strict. The hair is a little tapered in order to let the forehead appear. Even though it covers the forehead, the short curtain bangs still divide into two parts which each cover one side of the forehead. Short bangs are ideal for short cuts or girls with long hair who prefer their Hairy-messy side to the stiffness of classic bangs.

The tapered bangs can be recognized by its unstructured cut. The lengths of the bits are unequal and twirl on the forehead, unlike the curtain fringe which is more rigid. The tapered bangs are thicker at the roots, a little less in the half-lengths and even thinner at the ends.

No matter which bangs you choose, they are all very glamorous and give a “French” look very trendy.

How to maintain curtain bangs?

During the day, avoid touching your bangs as much as possible or you risk greasing it very quickly. If you find it hard to resist the urge to run your hand through your hair, consider slipping a small dry shampoo.

The advantage of this style of bangs is that it will require very little maintenance during regrowth. When it gains in length, it transforms into two strands that delicately frame your face.

On the other hand, if you want keep your cut intact, it will have to be maintained. If tutorials for cutting bangs yourself are popping up on the internet, hold back to avoid disaster. To preserve the particular shape of a curtain fringe, it will be strongly recommended to to go every three weeks to his DESSANGE hair salon so that he can touch up himself and shorten the bangs when they fall too much on the eyes.

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