how to wear this trendy cut?

how to wear this trendy cut?

how to wear this trendy cut?

If you follow beauty trends, you know bangs are on the cutting edge. Fall is the perfect season to adopt it: we sweat much less on the forehead than in summer and this hairstyle will therefore be easier to tame and maintain on a daily basis. Curtain bangs, short, long, straight or even degraded, there are as many shapes as there are women! But today, the editorial staff is interested in one form in particular: the degraded fringe. Do you want to adopt it without knowing where to start? Here is our little guide …

Degraded bangs: for which face?

If you find it hard to tell the difference between layered bangs and tapered bangs, know that this is completely normal! Before going to your hairdresser, you might as well know exactly what a layered fringe consists of. This is a cut from which longer strands of hair emerge. The gradient can be adopted on short bangs, long, straight or on the side. A real master key!

Another real advantage of degraded bangs: it adapts to all faces ! This is thanks to the longer locks that delicately frame the face. By growing little by little, these long strands will even end up blend in completely with your lengths. We find this phenomenon particularly with the curtain fringe to which we devoted an article. Inspired by the 70s, it was already the hair signature of Brigitte Bardot. Today, it can be seen on all heads, all styles and on any occasion. ! Note that we like it rather long, layered, both voluminous and light for a very successful retro chic look.

As we told you a little above, the degraded bangs adapt to all faces. But also to all types of hair, whether fine or thick. His secret? It is rather easy to comb and does not require a visit to the hairdresser every week. We advise you to do not strip it yourself, because it requires a chisel and specific know-how.

However, if you absolutely want to do it at home, make your cut on dry hair. You see the final result live and can make the necessary changes as needed. Start by tying your hair, leaving only the front strands free which will be used to make your degraded bangs. Then start to cut the bit using the staking technique. We advise you to watch a tutorial like this:

How to maintain and style degraded bangs?

Generally speaking, you can dry your layered bangs with a round brush and a hairdryer for optimal results. It will thus be naturally curved. Little tip: avoid hair straighteners which produces an absolutely unnatural “wand” effect. On the other hand, you can using and overusing dry shampoo so that it does not grease too quickly!

If your hair is rather thin and / or straight, do not hesitate to add more volume to your layered bangs by creping lightly or using a texturizing spray. If, on the contrary, you have thick and / or curly hair, use a styling wax in order to better control the material and avoid the appearance of unsightly frizz.

Maintenance side: nothing very trying! A light cut every 3 to 4 weeks is more than enough to keep all the style of the layered bangs. And if you want to take it off for a day, just attach it with two hair clips and you’re done! She also has the advantage of being able to easily transform into straight bangs, curtain bangs or side strands. With all this, we understand better why the degraded fringe will be so successful this fall-winter 2021/2022!

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