Is mented clean beauty?

Is mented clean beauty?

That’s the idea behind clean beauty brand Mented Cosmetics, founded by KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson. They started with creating a range of nude lipsticks to ensure every woman could find just the right one for them.

Additionally, Is organic black owned?

Black-Owned Haircare Brand Mielle Organics Receives $100 Million Investment. … Praised as the fastest-growing Black-owned haircare company in the US, Mielle has been riding high after recently bringing on Grammy Award-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion as its global brand ambassador.

Well, Is mented cosmetics black owned?

Mented Cosmetics is a black owned makeup brand started in 2017 by founders Amanda E. Johnson and KJ Miller with the goal of providing women of color with more beauty options. Read more about the Mented Cosmetics brand featured in SELF here.

So Is mented legit? It is a Black-owned company that ensures no woman is left feeling like an afterthought in the world of beauty. This Mented Cosmetics review found that the brand is loved by influencers like Jackie Aina, and has been featured by notable media sources such as People, Essence, Allure, Popsugar, and Bustle.

Are mented cosmetics safe?

This passion is truly in the DNA of the brand and our decision to be vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, non-toxic, and made in the USA.

Is Cantu black owned?

Carol’s Daughter and Cantu aren’t actually black-owned, but these highly effective hair care brands are. While many of us are searching for ways to support black-owned businesses, you might be surprised to know that some fan-favorite brands, like Carol’s Daughter and Cantu, aren’t actually black-owned.

Is Aunt Jackie’s Black Owned?

Aunt Jackie’s

“Although we’re not Black-owned, we celebrate Black girl magic,” their Instagram post read. Aunt Jackie’s is owned by a company called House of Cheatham, which also owns Africa’s Best.

Is as I am a black owned brand?

As I Am DoubleButter Cream, $28

“Nairobi is a Blackowned hair company that I absolutely love,” he said.

Who owns mented?

Kristen Jones (KJ) Miller is the co-founder and Co-CEO of Mented Cosmetics, an upscale beauty line targeting women of color. Since its launch in January 2017 Mented has taken the beauty industry by storm by unapologetically placing women of color at the forefront.

Is Black Radiance a black owned company?

If you thought of Black Opal, Black Radiance or black|Up, the gag is they’re not actually black-owned. And though they do make products designed for black skin, many black-owned beauty brands have suffered from a lack of visibility.

Who created Mented Cosmetics?

That was the case for KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson–founders of Mented Cosmetics, a beauty brand headquartered in New York City that’s finding success through specialized products for women of color. And they’re starting with the potentially trickiest beauty buy of them all: “nude” lipstick.

Can you return mented cosmetics?

Q: Can I return or exchange my purchase? Email us at and we’d be happy to help you through a return or exchange. Your return must be processed 30 days after your order was received for a full refund.

Does mented have concealer?

Our ultra-hydrating formula is lightweight and buildable, giving you the coverage you need with the natural finish you love. Perfect for foundation, concealer and contour: use our Concealer/Contour Shade Finder to build your perfect trio.

Is mented foundation good for oily skin?

I use it as concealer, contouring and color! It blends easily and is long lasting even through my oily skin. The colors are not ashy and the coverage is builds nicely. Great coverage!

Can you return Mented Cosmetics?

Q: Can I return or exchange my purchase? Email us at and we’d be happy to help you through a return or exchange. Your return must be processed 30 days after your order was received for a full refund.

Is Mented Cosmetics sold in stores?

Ready your wallet: Super-popular beauty brand Mented Cosmetics is coming to the nationwide retailer. … Fans and newcomers to the brand can officially shop for the perfect nude lip at the nationwide retailer. So far, the brand’s Lip Liners, Semi-Matte Lipsticks, and Lip Glosses are being offered.

Is Shea Moisture only for black hair?

Shea moisture is not for black hair only. Please don’t care about whether a product is from the ethnic section or not. You should use the products that your hair needs.

Who is Cantu products owned by?

Cantu is owned by PDC Brands, and in February 2020, the company made Alex Tosolini, a white man, the CEO.

Is Shea Moisture a black owned company?

Shea Moisture is another major name in Black haircare, owned by Sundial Brands, which also owns the historic Madam C.J. … Sabin, who is Black, also notes that Shea Moisture is run by a majority Black executive team. “For us, it’s personal and we remain true to our commitment to our community.

Is Aunt Jackie’s natural?

Here are a few of them. Despite your texture or porosity of hair, one thing that your hair can always benefit from is a natural oil. … All of Aunt Jackie’s products include a mixture of natural oils in their ingredients to help you achieve the best looks possible.

Is Shea moisture still black owned?

No, SheaMoisture is no longer black owned. Instead, it is owned by Unilever with the continued insights and collaboration of Richelieu Dennis. After the acquisition, the brand no longer classifies as a “black-owned business.”

Are there any black owned hair products?

40 Black-Owned Hair Care Brands to Shop Now Before Your Next Wash Day

  • Briogeo. Whether you have dry, dull or damaged hair, Briogeo has a collection for you. …
  • Adwoa Beauty. …
  • Eden Bodyworks. …
  • Camille Rose. …
  • Mielle Organics. …
  • Alikay Naturals. …
  • Miss Jessie’s. …
  • Uncle Funky’s Daughter.

Where is mented made?

Our lipsticks are proudly made in the USA.

How did Mented Cosmetics start?

Along with Amanda E. Johnson, Miller is the cofounder of Mented Cosmetics, a makeup line for women of color, which began as a project the two pursued on the weekends in their New York kitchens after graduating from Harvard Business School. At the time, they both had full-time jobs, so it functioned as a side-hustle.

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