Is spray tanning a good business?

Is spray tanning a good business?

By joining the spray tan industry, boost your income by up to $400 per month. Through Norvell, there are no contracts or minimums—you keep 100 percent of your sales. Whether a stay-at-home parent, college student or working professional, a mobile spray tanning business can put more money in your pocket.

Also , Is spray tanning profitable? With the average cost of spray tan services looking rather promising, and with the equipment not costing an arm and a leg, spray tanning has become a lucrative endeavor, especially during the last two decades.

How much money can you make doing spray tans?

Spray Tan Salary

Annual Salary Weekly Pay
Top Earners $44,000 $846
75th Percentile $33,000 $634
Average $32,546 $625
25th Percentile $25,000 $480

Also to know is, How much should I charge for a spray tan? Norvell recommends charging between $30-$39 depending on your market for a Personalized Spray Tan by a Professional Spray Tan Artist. There are several popular options for spray tanning services that go beyond a single session.

How do I get a successful spray tan?

  1. Be patient! …
  2. Cosmetic bronzer wash-off during your first shower is normal.
  3. Do not apply moisturizer until after your first shower. …
  4. Avoid sweating until after your first shower.
  5. Moisturize daily and use post-tan products as directed during the life of your spray tan. …
  6. When in the sun, remember to use a sunscreen.

How much can you make doing mobile spray tanning?

Annual net income – $19,200 (10 tans/week @ $40/tan)

Do you need a license to spray tan in Michigan?

Required State License(s): None. Other Possible License(s): Some cities and townships do regulate this type of business. See the Indoor Tanning summary at,1607,7-132-27417_35791-69404–,00.html. …

Do and don’ts of spray tan?


  • DO shower, exfoliate and shave.
  • DO use moisturizers and lotions specially formulated exclusively for spray tanning.
  • DO wear loose-fitting, dark clothing and flip-flops or sandals to avoid rub-off.
  • DON’T wear makeup, deodorants or perfumes. They can create a barrier for absorption.

Can you shave after a spray tan?

Wait at least 8 hours after your spray tan to shave for the first time. Use an oil-free moisturizing body wash when shaving, not traditional shaving cream. Most shaving creams on the market contain alcohol and heavy detergents that can strip your tan.

Do spray tans make you orange?

Why do Spray Tans Turn Orange? In the early days of spray tanning, it wasn’t unusual to see women toting a nice, orange glow. … Spray tan solution uses an ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to darken or alter the color of your skin. But, with too much, it can cause discoloration.

How do you make fake tan last longer?

7 Tips for making your spray tan last longer

  1. Exfoliate before you start. A day before your tan, buff away dead skin cells with a cream exfoliator and a mitt. …
  2. Wax instead of shaving. …
  3. Top up with a gradual tanner. …
  4. Take short showers. …
  5. Use gentle shower gel and soaps. …
  6. Avoid the sauna and steam room. …
  7. Moisturise everyday!

How long does a self tan last?

Self tanners can expect their golden hue to last between 7-10 days due to the natural turnover of skin cells. If you get a tan outside, you can expect your tan to fade in a similar amount of time.

What is the best spray tan solution?

Best Spray Tan Solutions

  • Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution, Dark 1 – Editor’s Choice.
  • Sjolie No. 9 – Medium/Dark Blend– Top Pick for organic spray tan solution.
  • Luxe No. …
  • Norvell Venetian Plus.
  • Aussie Bronze 12% Dark.
  • Sjolie No. …
  • Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution, Double Dark.
  • Tampa Bay Tan Tanfastic 8.5%

What is the best spray tan machine for home use?

Best Spray Tan Machine for Home/Mobile Use

  • MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Spray Tanning System.
  • Fascination FX Spray Tanning Kit.
  • Venus Ultra Spray Tan Machine.
  • Fuji Mini Tan M Spray Tan System.
  • MaxiMist Evolution Pro HVLP Spray Tanning System.
  • MaxiMist Pro TNT – Quiet Spray Tanning System.
  • Aura Allure Spray Tanning Machine.

What is a mobile tan?

As the name already suggests, the mTAN process uses the public mobile telephone network in addition to the Internet as an additional communication channel, something which will hamper attempts at capturing TANs.

Can a 12 year old get a spray tan?

Twenty-two states and one territory (California, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia) ban the use of

Why do you have to wait 24 hours to tan?

The skin needs 24 hours to process and build color after a tanning session. Allowing 24 hours between sessions actually maximizes color development.

Do you need a qualification to spray tan?

What training do I need with Nouvatan? The great thing about starting up in this industry is you need NO BEAUTY qualifications to begin. A great way in to the beauty industry and you can add on other services after, such as Nails, Waxing, Eyelashes, the list goes on!

Are you supposed to get your nails done before a spray tan?

Nails should be done any time prior to getting a tan. They will not be stained with her professional, flawless technique. If you are getting your nails done after the spray tan, you cannot soak your feet for a pedicure or have any exfoliation of any kind.

What takes off spray tan?

Mix lemon juice with a little baking soda or baby oil. Saturate the skin with the mixture, then let it sit for about five minutes before removing with a cleansing wipe—this will erase the tan entirely,” she says.

What should I do immediately after a spray tan?

Spray Tan Aftercare: 24 Hours After Your Tan

  1. WEAR LOOSE-FITTING CLOTHING. After your tan, you should wear loose-fitting clothing so your tan doesn’t rub off or look uneven. …
  3. STAY DRY. …

Can I fake tan without shaving?

Shaving time

This way your skin won’t be too sensitised and reactive to the tanning formulation; nor will you have to shave on top of a fresh fake tan, which would exfoliate away some of your hard work.

Can you fake tan straight after showering?

We know, we know — this seems totally obvious. But after showering, towel off and wait 10 minutes until you’re 100 percent dry. “Your skin has to be completely dry,” Evans tells Allure. “Water left on the skin will cause a big problem as water will erase and dilute the tan resulting into dreaded streaks and patches.”

Can you fake tan with hairy legs?

Can you self tan with hairy legs? Sure you can, but you’ll also want to make sure that you use the right kind of tanning solution to get the best possible results. … On the other hand, self-tanners that mist or mousse before they touch your skin are much better at tanning your skin when you still have body hair.

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