Japanese art of facial massage

Japanese art of facial massage

Japanese art of facial massage

What is Kobido?

While most cosmetic brands are launching their self-modeling masks, ancestral techniques from themassage art come back to the forefront. This is the case of Kobido, japanese facial massage with incredible anti-aging properties.

The origins of Kobido

Kobido was born in Japan in the 15th century. First a beauty secret of the Japanese empresses and ladies of the company, this art of traditional massage inspired by Chinese methods quickly became popular, and is today an anti-aging technique acclaimed by all Japanese women.

Who can practice Kobido?

Due to the precision required of the gestures to be performed, and the important knowledge required to perform the perfect Kobido massage, training to learn this art is rare, and generally takes place under the tutelage of a recognized Kobido Master. This ancestral secret has moreover shas its own beauty house: Maison Kobido, where techniques are passed on to a handful of initiates.

Kobido: the principle

What makes this facial massage unique is its inspiration based on traditional Chinese medicine. Indeed, we find in this massage elements also used during shiatsu or acupuncture sessions. Knowing the meridians, acupressure points linked to our organs, is essential to properly practice Kobido. Not only is Kobido a relaxing massage, but it is also a massage that will take care of you and act in depth.

How to adopt Kobido for a natural facelift?

Video explanation of institute practice

  • Like most massage techniques called “deep” (acting up to the level of certain muscles), the practice of Kobido is very complex and is based on more than forty categories, depending on the part of the face that the we want to target.
  • The essential gesture in this massage is to succeed in stimulating the microcirculation and the lymphatic flow, because it is these two points which will make, at the end of the session, the face more luminous and plumped, like a facelift without a scalpel!

The benefits of Kobido

To fight against the signs of the age, facial massages have proven to be effective in many ways. Kobido brings together no less than fifty very precise movements which take place at the level of meridians and acupuncture points. This youthful secret of the Japanese empresses is proving effective in many ways:

  • Kobido allows you to rebalance the flow of energy in the face and neck
  • It reduces deep wrinkles
  • He eliminates stress by relaxing the muscles of the face and neck
  • It activates blood circulation and the natural production of collagen
  • It erases the signs of fatigue and stress
  • Kobido provides a feeling of lightness and instant wellness

Kobido: how to adopt it at home

Even if the real Kobido is taught and performed only by professionals in the field (in France, there are only 5!), It is however possible to be inspired by it to carry out a lifting massage at home, thanks to a practice daily of the facial gymnastics.

When you remove your makeup or when you put on your usual creams, take the opportunity to apply the Kobido gestures.

  • In this video, the young woman is exercising light pressure on her face, and mass it with your fingertips by pinching it lightly. This technique allows above all to prepare the skin for the treatment, by stimulating the microcirculation, but it also allows to redraw the oval of the face and lift the cheekbones.
  • Then, we reproduce this same technique during the application of his cream or his treatment (note that in real Kobido, we prefer the use of a cream rather than an oil, to keep a “close contact. “with skin tissue).
  • Here, we exercise a slight pressure on the muscles of the face for a few seconds while holding them, as if they were contracting them, allowing them to relax more gently and give the skin that pulpy effect. Finally, to bring volume to the face, we perform faster and more toned movements, to increase the production of elastin.

These techniques, inspired by Kobido and practiced daily, will give your face a real boost … for a skin full of energy as soon as you wake up. It’s a great way to start the day on the right foot!

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