Josephine Skriver’s loose bun

the beauty reflex to adopt!

Josephine Skriver’s loose bun

Used to tread the catwalks for many brands such as Victoria’s Secret, the Danish model Josephine skriver illuminated the crowd of photographers jostling the Red Carpet with her azure blue princess maxi dress, flamboyant jewelry and impeccably groomed hair.

Pierre Saint-Sever, hairdresser studio DESSANGE gives you here the secrets to reproduce his fuzzy bun.

Step 1:

Use the Matter Amplifier Fluid on damp hair to texturize your lengths and give them body and substance.

Step 2:
Dry your hair between your fingers to keep a natural texture.

Step 3:
Gather your hair into a low ponytail and spray Texturizing Water on your lengths to give them a matte texture.

Step 4:
Tie your ponytail in a double knot, then wrap it around your tie.

Step 5:
Secure everything with large pins to keep a more irregular side for a natural and falsely ‘messy’ result.

Our pro tip : this hairstyle is perfect to accompany a sophisticated look.
You can leave two strands free on each side of your face for an even messier look *.


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