Kardashians: Blac Chyna loses lawsuit against famous family

In this courtroom artist sketch, members of the Kardashian family sit in court in Los Angeles, Tuesday, April, 19, 2022. (Bill Robles via AP)

New York, 2022-05-02 19:44:21. Kardashians: Blac Chyna loses lawsuit against famous family

Los Angeles –

On Monday, the jury awarded a landslide victory to the Kardashian family in their lawsuit against former reality TV star Blac Chyna.

A Los Angeles jury found that none of the famous family members slandered Chyna, and none interfered with her contract by convincing E! Network to cancel her reality show “Rob & Chyna”.

The four Kardashian defendants attended nearly the entire trial, but when the verdict was read, everyone was in New York at the Met Gala, where this year’s theme was “Gilded Glamor.”

Chyna was in court for sentencing. She had no obvious reaction.

After about 10 hours of deliberation, jurors in the form of a long jury found that Kardashian had often acted in bad faith on the issues raised in the case, but that it had no material impact on Chyna’s contract or the fate of the show, and she was not awarded any damages.

Executives from E! The network that broadcast the show testified that “Rob and Chyna” ended because of the end of the relationship and not because of the actions of the accused.

Jurors were hearing the defamation case against Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, after a judge threw out the portion of the lawsuit against Kim Kardashian amid deliberations.

The four women testified during the nine-day trial.

The trial largely focused on allegations that Chyna aggressively attacked her then-fiancé and reality TV star Rob Kardashian on a night and morning in December 2016. He testified that she held a gun twice to his head, and wrapped a phone charging cord around him. his neck and hit him with a metal rod. She testified that she had put the rope around his neck and playfully grabbed the gun while the two celebrated the renewal of their reality show, and when the celebration turned into a feud, she was never violent against him.

But the legal questions considered by the jury revolved around the implications of that fight. The jury had to decide whether each of the defendants had intentionally lied about the abuse when they spoke about it with the producers and executives overseeing “Rob & Chyna,” or broke the news about it with reckless disregard for the truth. They had to decide for each defendant whether these communications constituted unlawful interference with Chyna’s contract to appear on the show.

The jurors were free to make a split decision – the outcome against some Kardashians but not others.

Instead, they wiped the beds clean, giving Shayna nothing.

The 5-year-old lawsuit surmounted many hurdles – including motions to dismiss and settlement talks between the two sides – and had a long way to go until trial.

But the final hurdle, persuading the jury, proved difficult to overcome.

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