Kate Bush’s Reaction to ‘Running in the Hill’ hit #1

Kate Bush's Reaction to 'Running in the Hill' hit #1

Paris, 2022-06-22 12:45:45. Kate Bush’s Reaction to ‘Running in the Hill’ hit #1

Kate Bush is “overwhelmed” with renewed affection for her decades-old song, “Running on That Hill.”

The singer posted a statement on her website about how the 1985 song played everywhere after it premiered on the final season of “Stranger Things.”

The Duffer brothers have created four extraordinary things [seasons] About Stranger Things in which child actors grew into young adults,” Bush wrote about Matt and Ross Dover, who created the Netflix series.

She continued, “In this latest series, the characters face many of the same challenges that exist in real life right now. I think the Duffer Brothers have touched people’s hearts in a special way, at a very difficult time for everyone, especially the younger people.”

Sadie Sink’s character, Max, listens to the track so her friends play it frequently to help her find her way back.

“By casting Running Up That Hill in a positive light – as a mantra for Max (one of the main female characters) – the song is brought into the emotional arena of its story,” Bush wrote. “Fear, conflict, and the power of love are all around her and her friends.”

“I applaud the Duffer brothers for their courage and for taking this new series to a darker, darker place. I want to thank them so much for bringing the song into the lives of so many people,” Bush added. “I’m overwhelmed by the amount of affection and support the song receives and it all happens so quickly, as if it’s driven by some kind of underlying force.”

Billboard reported that “Running Up That Hill” reached #1 in the UK and Australia and entered the Top 5 in the US.

“I have to admit, I am really touched by all of this,” Bush said of the news. “Thank you so much for making the #1 song in an unexpected way.”

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