L’Attache Bohème de Noel Capri Berry

L’Attache Bohème de Noel Capri Berry

L’Attache Bohème de Noel Capri Berry

Noel Capri Berry is a regular on the Cannes red carpet! For this 74th edition of the Festival, the American model once again called on DESSANGE to sublimate her when she climbed the stairs. Back on this creation signed Sonia Duchaussoy and the steps to reproduce it.

Step 1 :

Start by spraying the Thermo Active Texturizing Water at the roots on towel-dried hair, to take off the roots before brushing. Create wide, ear-to-ear earrings all over the top of your head. Let the curls rest and cool on tongs.

2nd step :

Remove the clips to release the curls then backcomb the hair on the top of the head for maximum volume. Gather the hair above the ears behind the skull, and secure it with pins. Make sure to leave some hair loose at the temples.

Step 3:

On the remaining free hair, select a strand on the left and a strand on the right that you come to tie like a knot at the back of the head. Pin this first knot. Repeat this gesture over the entire length of the hair to the nape of the neck. Once all the knots have been made, loosen them a little to accentuate the volume effect even more.

Step 4:

Apply a little Texturizing Powder to the remaining lengths before you tie them into a ponytail. Use a “waver” iron (3-pronged iron) on this part to obtain beautiful wavy waves. Secure the entire hairstyle with the Natural Fixing Lacquer.

Photos: © Yan Maisani © Pierre Mouton
Video: © Théo Deffaux

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