Laurence Boccolini: her hairstyles

Laurence Boccolini: her hairstyles

Laurence Boccolini: her hairstyles

Laurence Boccolini is one of those chic and shocking round animators who do not hesitate to adopt varied and always neat hairstyles. Many of you are inspired by it.

Laurence Boccolini is not strictly speaking what we call a fashion icon. We often sees her on TV wearing the same type of clothes: a jacket and a more or less fancy t-shirt, in general.

However the beautiful adores fashion, but as she had told us, she does not want to feel disguised!

There is another thing the beauty is particularly attentive to: her haircut. It is also not uncommon for some women to arrive at the hairdresser asking for Laurence Boccolini’s haircut. Back on her 5 coolest hairstyles!

1 – The unstructured short cut

Hello !!!!

– laurence Boccolini. (@ boccolini1) June 15, 2015

This is the kind of cut that perfectly suits our spicy Laurence Boccolini! A blonde cut with highlights that gives a pep to her figure and illuminates her face. Round with short hair is possible …

2 – shoulder-length hair

The mid-length, bangs style still looks great on our favorite hostess. The whole thing really gives a neat effect that sticks to her outfit of the day. We do not forget the legs on the side to refine the face.

3 – The square

You can see Laurence Boccolini also wore her hair longer! This time, she had opted for a bob which also gives it a more childish and soft air … Have you noticed how the bob is always in fashion whatever the seasons and the years?

4 – curly hair

We find the beautiful Laurence with a hairstyle a little more wild thanks to the curly effect! We love this little extra detail in her hair that makes her really sublime. Chic…

5 – long hair

We finish this top 5 of Laurence Boccolini’s coolest hairstyles with the look she wore a few years ago. A record for length when we see his preference for the short.

As you can see, Laurence Boccolini does not follow the famous codes which say that a round woman must have hair in such a way to frame her round face or in such a way to avoid highlighting her too square shoulders.

Our favorite: its current cut. And you ?

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