let yourself be tempted by the natural coloring of this summer

let yourself be tempted by the natural coloring of this summer

let yourself be tempted by the natural coloring of this summer

Whether in terms of makeup or coloring, the trend of less is more* is required this season. Indeed, this concept initiated by the world of make-up and fashion, now extends to hair coloring. This is easily explained by the fact that we are all more and more in search of natural results for our hair, requiring little maintenance. Balayage Nude perfectly meets these criteria since it allows you to keep your natural color while giving it more depth and light. DESSANGE explains everything about this new technique to adopt urgently!

What is Nude Balayage?

Balayage Nude is a tailor-made coloring technique, allowing you to play with reflections to bring a touch of shine to the hair. A technique inspired by the “nude” trend, which is already very popular in makeup, the aim of which is to highlight the natural assets of each one, giving the illusion that no work has been done to obtain this result. In practice in the hair sector, it is a matter of working strand by strand by mixing “warm” tones and “cold” tones. This involves varying the points of light in order to obtain a gradual lightening of the hair, from roots to ends, and thus give the illusion that the hair has sunk naturally.


Who can adopt it?

The Balayage Nude aims to nuance your base color to sublimate it. This technique will not radically change your color but will give it more depth and pep, so as to make it less dull and less uniform. Whether you are blonde, brunette or redhead, you can easily opt for Balayage Nude, since remaining close to your natural color, the result will harmonize perfectly with your complexion and the color of your eyes!

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What are the benefits of Balayage Nude?

Bye bye the root effects that emerge after a few weeks! Since it is a light color and very close to your natural color, there are no significant contrasts between your roots and the rest of your hair. In addition, this technique does not oxidize the hair to the point of making it porous, which makes your hair material is magnified without being damaged. It is enough to preserve its shine during each wash, using a shampoo and a mask for colored or brushed hair. Finally, to enhance your color and make it last, apply a Natural Pigma radiance boosting treatment every week.

For a successful (de) coloring and top maintenance, remember to make an appointment every 6 weeks in your DESSANGE salon.

* less is more

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