let yourself be tempted by the permanent 2020 version

let yourself be tempted by the permanent 2020 version

let yourself be tempted by the permanent 2020 version

Star hairstyle of the 80s, the permanent makes a comeback this fall in a softer and more natural version. DESSANGE explains everything about this new trend.

What is the Modern perm?

You probably remember the perm: that hairstyle with very tight curls and XXL volume? Well the perm 2.0 is coming this fall, in version more minimalist, relaxed and deceptively neglected. A modern hairstyle between the wavy and the perm.

How to achieve the Modern perm?

Modern perm wants to be sweeter than its elder since it works with the help of curlers and not heaters can damage the hair. To achieve your Modern perm, use foam curlers with a fine diameter for tight curls, and a larger diameter for loose curls. Place your curlers on damp hair after washing it. You just have to wait for your hair to take the shape of curlers when it dries, and voila!

The installation of curlers may require a little practice but there is no doubt that you will be able to follow the following protocol for a top result:
Take a lock of hair whose thickness is equal to the diameter of the curler, then wrap it around the latter, always starting from the tip of the hair towards the roots. You can alternate laying directions (winding to the left then to the right, for more naturalness). Position your curlers in rows, from the forehead to the back of the neck. Place the rollers always in the direction of the hairstyle, one behind the other, to the roots. Repeat all over your head then finish your look by spraying a cloud of hairspray all over your hair to guarantee your Modern perm a foolproof hold.

If your hair is naturally curly, you can simply texturize your subject with a suitable styling product such as Energizing Curl Water.

Who is Modern perm for?

The Modern perm is ideal for bringing volume and texture for smooth, fine hair. On curly or wavy hair, it will have the power to recreate bounce and definition to curls naturally present.

As for the length of the hair, it is better to have the long or mid-length hair to have enough material to work on. Better avoid the Modern perm on too short hair: this would risk accentuating the “ball” or “poodle” effect.

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