Light brown a color that captivates

Light brown a color that captivates

Light brown a color that captivates

If there is one color with a natural result, it is light brown. Halfway between blonde and brown, this shade of chestnut is very malleable and offers beautiful light reflections that adapt very easily to all hair bases.

What is light brown?

Light brown is a hair color that is characterized by a warm tone more sustained than blond, but less harsh than brown. Bright and often confused with dark blonde, this chestnut lightens in the sun, but preserves a glamorous effect throughout the year that adapts to all skin tones.

If the light brown is often defined as being a bland color or without personality, it is nevertheless full of advantages. Its golden reflections bring luminosity to the hair and soften facial features.

How to get a beautiful light brown?

Having a beautiful light brown is easier when you start from a base between blonde and brown. For these bases, a discrete sweep will suffice. If you have dark hair and want to avoid unsightly roots, opt for light brown balayage, or even caramel for a more subtle result.

Whatever your base color, your DESSANGE expert can advise you on the most suitable technique to offer you a luminous light brown, which will captivate those around you.

The different shades of light brown

Light brown is a color that does not vary in intensity, but can offer different reflections and effects depending on your desires and the basis on which it is made.

Light coppery chestnut

The coppery chestnut brings red tones to the hair. Very dark hair will have no trouble naturally bringing out red highlights and will therefore lend itself very well to coppery brown.

This shade goes particularly well with dark skin, but it also sublimates golden or pink skin.

Light ash brown

Ash brown is the shade that brings the most cold reflections to the hair. With its almost iridescent reflections, ash brown is ideal for light or olive skin..

Be careful with dark skin that would tend to lose brightness with this shade.

If you are embarrassed by your red highlights, you can opt for light ash brown which will reduce them.

Light golden brown

If you have a golden or copper complexion and you want to bring it even more light and warmth, you can opt for a light brown with reflections reminiscent of honey.

Choose your light brown according to its natural color

Light brown is a timeless color that will follow you through the seasons. However, be careful to choose the right shade of light brown and listen carefully to the advice of your DESSANGE expert so as not to end up with unsightly reflections.

Light brown on a light base

If you have a blonde base, you will be able to achieve a light brown very easily. This color will give you character without hardening your features as a brown coloring might do for example.

If you have very light hair, close to a polar blonde for example, it is recommended to do a dark blonde coloring in an intermediate color.

Bleached or extremely light hair may opt for the application of patinas every month in order to gently approach the light brown and to master the reflections. Indeed, brown applied directly to bleached hair will tend to bring out the red pigments. We therefore recommend that you go there in stages.

Finally, if you want to avoid red highlights, we recommend a light ash brown.

Go from brown to light chestnut

To go from brown to light brown, you will need to go through the fading step. Indeed, a lightening of several tones will be necessary to obtain a sublime bright and nuanced chestnut.

Attention, on a brown base, it is much easier to achieve coloring in warm tones like coppery light brown, or even golden if your hair is not too dark. On the other hand, ashy reflections will be more difficult to obtain.

For an always sublime color, remember to visit your DESSANGE hair salon regularly to touch up your roots. If you want a more natural look that will require very little maintenance, you can make your light brown using an ombré or a “shadow roots” in order to avoid demarcations at the root. These two partial coloring techniques also make it possible to bring a little depth to a color and offer a “return from vacation” effect.

Light brown to enhance all skin tones

If some people perceive chestnut as a versatile color, they are not totally wrong, but often the beauty is hidden in the simplicity.

Light brown has the advantage of adapting very easily to all skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest. Only rosy complexions will have to use a few stratagems with a choice of specific makeup shades in order to adapt it perfectly.

Green eyes are particularly resplendent when framed by golden locks or light brown. Blue, hazel, dark brown or deep black eyes will gain in intensity.

How to maintain your light brown?

In order for your light brown to really stand out, it is imperative to take care of your hair so that it retains its shine. To do this, take a product suited to the nature of your hair or care for colored hair.

At the end of each shampoo, do not forget to apply your mask or conditioner, and finish your shower by rinsing with cold water to close the scales of your hair and bring them strength and shine.

Also think about Natural Pigma repigmenting treatments or patinas that can help you preserve the color and highlights of your hair. Hair sensitized by coloring will not tarnish despite shampooing and will preserve its color.

The light brown if it is done in balayage or in ombre, has the advantage of blending very well with the base color. On the other hand, if you have opted for a tone on tone, you will have to go to your DESSANGE hair salon every 4 weeks or so to touch up your roots.

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