Makeup Trends 2018

Makeup Trends 2018

Makeup Trends 2018

Minimalist or assumed, make up highlights the natural beauty of each woman. Oversized eyelashes, a tribal or graphic look… Affirm your style with the new makeup trends of 2018.

Makeup trends 2018: drawn lips and illuminated eyes

2018 lends itself to all daring with a gourmet lip gloss and magnified eyelids. Yes yes, glossy chic is making a comeback in this year’s makeup trends! In the DESSANGE makeup collection, ROUGE’STUDIO Terracotta shapes and envelops the lips in a shiny film with adjustable coverage.

Then just illuminate your cheekbones and your eyes with a powdered eye and cheek cream. Keep a nude side and opt for one of the three shades of our COLOR’FUN. The Plum Rose shade will be ideal for fair skin, and will bring freshness to the face.

Finally, classic and timeless, bright red will always have its effect on your lips! For day or night, Rouge Love matte lipstick goes perfectly with a glamorous and desirable look.

Makeup Trend 2018: the minimalist look

For a chic and natural look at the same time, you don’t need to know how to handle the brush like a professional to achieve a minimalist look. Apply BB’TOUCH Perfecting Complexion Cream for a nude look, and create a natural, delicately shiny mouth with our Color and Comfort Lip Gloss pen. Choose your shade according to your desires, all of them will perfectly match the 2018 trends! This season plays on the effects of lights, the make-up touches are therefore light and full of freshness.

The minimalist look highlights the complexion. For a radiant result, apply a complexion illuminator to key areas of the face: the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the browbone and the inner corner of the eye. This makeup ritual makes all the difference: it brings relief to your face and anchors you in the glowy 2018 trend, an almost wet finish that captures the light!

Makeup Trend 2018: Oversized eyes and XXL eyelashes

More in the seduction, the glance of embers – as chic as romantic – remains a timeless. We adopt the XXL gaze trend by applying its false eyelash effect mascara and insisting especially on the lower bangs for endlessly extended bangs and exaggeratedly long eyelashes. The 2018 makeup trends also place the graphic liner at the top of the list: placed in the form of an arc of a circle on the top of the eyelid for a minimalist side or in a thin straight line, doe-eye style at the edge of the eyelashes to accentuate the look. Little more DESSANGE: you will definitely appreciate the liquid texture and finesse of the line offered by our new black liquid eyeliner FOCUS’REGARD.

“DESIRABLE”: the 2018 collection by DESSANGE

Shades of soft colors full of nuances, enveloping and comfortable textures, everything in the DESSANGE Paris fall-winter collection is desirable. Femininity in its purest form, intense seduction… The charm of each woman is at its peak!

Find all the products from our “Désirable” fall and winter makeup collection.

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