Martha Hunt’s Hollywood Wavy

Martha Hunt's Hollywood Wavy

Martha Hunt’s Hollywood Wavy

The top American Martha Hunt was present Saturday evening in Cannes to attend the screening of Claude Lelouch’s latest film in competition: “The most beautiful years of a life”. Once again, the beautiful blonde stood out with her glamorous look.

Antoine Wauquier who produced this perfect wavy gives you his tips to be able to achieve it.

Step 1:

Apply DESSANGE thermo-active texturizing water all over your hair (roots, lengths and ends) to bring texture, volume and support to your hairStep 2:

Brush your hair to smooth the fiber and get a nice shine.

Step 3:

Separate your hair into different sections and then curl each of them using a curling iron. However, be sure to keep the tips stiff for a more “fashion” effect.

Trick : apply a cloud of DESSANGE-style Fixing Spray before curling everything so that the hairstyle will last all night

Step 4:

Once each section is looped, roll them up on themselves and fix them in the form of loops on drapes (keep the loop straight to immobilize it at its base using flat pliers) Step 5:

Let the entire hair cool for about 15/20 minutes.

Step 6:

Remove the flat pliers used to hold the curls and brush all the hair in the desired movement. Draw your parting slightly to the right or left of your head (according to your preferences), so as to bring up and place part of your hair behind your ear.

Trick : apply a veil of DESSANGE natural fixation lacquer all over the hair for long-lasting hold.Step 7:

To finish, apply a dab of DESSANGE Tip Polishing Serum to discipline and coat any hair splits and give them maximum shine.

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