Mattia Roach shot the new “Jeopardy”! teacher

Mattia Roach shot the new "Jeopardy"!  teacher

New York, 2022-05-02 08:22:00. Mattia Roach shot the new “Jeopardy”! teacher

Canadian “Danger!” Superhero Mattia Roach will achieve yet another feat if she continues her winning streak in tonight’s episode.

The 23-year-old teacher will move up to fifth on the longest-running list of the TV quiz show.

They are currently tied for sixth place with 19 consecutive wins.

Roach has the longest streak of any Canadian appearing on the show.

It has so far grossed $460,184, giving it the sixth highest earning in a regular season play.

Roach, who lives in Toronto and grew up in Halifax, also secured a spot on the show’s Champions League, which is set to air in the fall.

This report was first published by The Canadian Press on May 2, 2022.

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