Mattia Roach wins the 20th “Jeopardi” award! match

Mattia Roach shot the new "Jeopardy"!  teacher

Sydney, 2022-05-02 08:22:00. Mattia Roach wins the 20th “Jeopardi” award! match

Canadian “Danger!” Superhero Mattia Roach had the fifth longest streak in TV quiz history with her win on Monday night’s episode.

The 23-year-old coach from Toronto linked the center with Julia Collins, whose 2014 career ran for 20 games.

It is the longest streak of any Canadian appearing on the show.

Roach has also brought in the sixth most runners up in regular seasonal play, earning $476,985 to date.

To move to No. 4 on the list, Roach would need to match James Holzwehr’s 32-game streak.

Roach said she was honored to be the flag bearer of Canada on what is now Alex Trebek’s stage.

“This will always be a part of my memories – as Canada’s Best Actress and Best Canadian that just keeps going,” she said in an interview with The Canadian Press ahead of her thirteenth game. “I hope that one day someone will be more profitable than me.”

It was the hallmark season of “Danger!” Lines starting with Matt Amodio.

After racking up 18 victories in season 37, he continued his run into season 38. He extended his streak to another 20 victories, placing him – at the time – in second place.

He would have been ousted just months later by Amy Schneider, who won forty matches.

It’s second only to now host Ken Jennings, who won 74 consecutive games in 2004 and made $2,520,700, not counting his winnings during the tournaments.

The series’ regular season record books don’t extend much further than that. While “Danger!” It was first broadcast in 1964, and there was a five-game winning limit until 2003.

But Brad Rutter, who won all five allowed games in 2000, has returned to the championships in the intervening years and now has the most ever – $4,938,436.

Tournaments included, Jennings won $4,370,700.

This report was first published by The Canadian Press on May 2, 2022.

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