Meat Loaf streams jump 4650 percent

Meat Loaf streams jump 4650 percent

L.A, 2022-01-24 21:40:02. Meat Loaf streams jump 4650 percent

LOS ANGELES – Abstaining from Meat Luv after his death? Fans of the singer would do anything for grief, but they would not.

Meat Loaf sales and sales have jumped by massive amounts in the immediate aftermath of his death on Thursday, and his 1977 album “Bat Out of Hell” is a strong candidate for re-entering the top ten list next week as a result of increased interest in his catalog, statistics from the past few days show.

According to MRC data, on January 21, the day most of the public learned of Meat Loaf’s death the previous day, on-demand flow was up 4,650% from the baseline established since the beginning of the year. But many fans really wanted to own a piece of Meat Loaf, as the jumps in sales were particularly impressive. Album sales are up 18,684%, and digital singles track sales are up a whopping 33,793%.

The percentage increases are especially notable if we consider that this was not a typical example of an artist who was only compiling minimal streams before his death; The 45-year-old Meat Luv’s strokes were still being consumed in droves even before his death.

The day before the news broke, Thursday, January 20, Meat Loaf had 205666 podcasts on demand — a number a lot of artists who just released a new album are happy to achieve. But that number, of course, was blown out of the water the next day, as his songs were broadcast 9,344, 181 times.

On the other hand, actual sales declined slightly before his death, as happened with almost all artists. The day before the news broke, he had sold 54 full albums and 95 singles per MRC. But the next day, a slew of fans set out to make digital purchases. The Meat Loaf catalog sold 12,675 albums on Friday and 36,346 songs.

It wasn’t just a one day phenomenon. Although consumption wasn’t nearly as frenetic on Saturday as it was on Friday, and the drop in sales was particularly sharp the following day, the on-demand Meat Loaf flow remained strong over the weekend.

Its total audio stream for Saturday (not including video streams) fell by just over half from Friday to Saturday, the last day numbers are available from MRC Data.

Saturday’s audio streams came in at 3,140805, still 23 times the amount they would have on a typical January day – indicating the hunger for songs like “Bat Out of Hell,” “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” and “I” I’d do anything for love (but I wouldn’t do it) “It wasn’t just one day imbued with an outpouring of grief.

Both sales and streaming will be key factors when Meat Loaf is supposed to re-enter the Hot 100 and Billboard 200 charts. These chart positions won’t be seen for another week, although the singer’s death coincided with the end of the chart reporting period.

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