My fine hair ritual

My fine hair ritual

My fine hair ritual

Is your hair thin, dull and lacking in volume? We have compiled for you the best actions to take care of your sensitive hair as well as the bad habits to forget for a boosted and radiant hair!

Choose the right care for my fine hair

The first reflex to have to preserve your fine hair intervenes as of the washing. Stimulated all day long, your hair needs a gentle massage to avoid further damage. To bring substance, softness and shine to your hair, DESSANGE has developed the duo of products: washing milk + light cream with a material effect for fine hair. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and baobab oil, these treatments applied successively to each shampoo, will bring body, volume and density to your hair.

We tend to neglect the mask too often. And yet! Its hyaluronic acids are essential for thinning hair, weakened over time. For complete effectiveness, remember to wring out your hair well before application and then allow the product to penetrate by massaging strand by strand. Prefer a rinse with lukewarm water, or cold for the more reckless, in order to attack your hair as little as possible.

DESSANGE advice: for double effectiveness, first use the Sandalwood shampoo designed for flat hair.

Think about protective oil on a daily basis

We no longer present the effectiveness of the oil to bring softness, shine and lightness to the hair. Protective hair oil for normal to fine hair formulated with hyaluronic acid, camellia and muscat rose oil, protects against breakage and heat from heating devices. So you can blow dry, curl and straighten your hair without damaging it. The texture is more fluid, your disentangling is simplified and all hairstyles are now possible.

Detangling spray: my hairstyle ritual

To preserve your hair, every gesture counts. Before styling, apply a detangling spray to facilitate the passage of your brush, which may harm the hair.

The DESSANGE formula enriched with an extract of sama seeds and an antioxidant active, will bring suppleness and shine to your hair without weighing it down. In addition to a protective film, sama seeds will provide a very pleasant scent to your hair all day long.

Tip: If your hair is thin, it is best to take this into account when choosing your hairstyle. For example, a gradient will allow you to get more volume and structure your cut. You can also use certain stylers that will allow you to texturize your hair and enhance the impression of volume.

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