Nadine Leopold’s Ballerina Bun

Nadine Leopold's Ballerina Bun

Nadine Leopold’s Ballerina Bun

Nadine leopold, famous top model Victoria’s Secret, was present for the Red Carpet on this second day of the Festival last night. A very successful first appearance on the Cannes Red Carpet for the young Austrian, sublimated thanks to the expert hands of Antoine Wauquier. Our hairdresser studio DESSANGE made on the beautiful blonde a superb Ballerina bun tight, a hairstyle that is both chic and glamorous, ideal for this kind of occasion. He gives you his secrets to be able to reproduce it.

Step 1:

Prepare your hair for straightening by applying DESSANGE thermo-active straightening spray all over your hair.

Step 2:

Straighten your hair using a round brush and your hair dryer, or a straightening iron if necessary.

Step 3:

Apply DESSANGE Style Fixing Spray to your roots and half-lengths, evenly all over your head.

Step 4:

Using a pneumatic brush, brush and pull your hair back together to create your ponytail. The level of your attachment point should be in line with your jaw line.

Step 5:

Reapply a few sprays of the DESSANGE-style Fixing Spray, to fix and perfectly smooth the material at the level of the top of your head and on the sides, and thus avoid possible frizz.

Trick : use the tail of a tail comb to remove the last irregularities / bumps.

Step 6:

Twist your ponytail and roll it up to get a bun, then secure the bun using Japanese pins. Make sure to let the ends of your twist come out to create a “fashion” effect.

Step 7:

To finish, adjust the volumes of the bun by replacing the tips, then spray a cloud of DESSANGE Natural Fixing Lacquer to guarantee the perfect hold of your hairstyle.

Our pro tip : when creating the tie, use an elastic by the meter to avoid the marks of a hook elastic or the bumps of a classic elastic.

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