New Sunrise: Spring-summer 2018 collection

New Sunrise: Spring-summer 2018 collection

New Sunrise: Spring-summer 2018 collection

Summer is looming and gives us the desire for bright and pastel colors, natural hairstyles and fresh and trendy beauty treatments!

Maison DESSANGE unveils the latest hairstyle trends through its spring-summer 2018 collection, inspired by the American West Coast.

The essential fringe

Ideal for changing your look in the blink of an eye this summer: the bangs! Smooth or messy, it brings this charming little “asset” to your cut while refreshing your style. With these wavy lengths and this luminous golden blonde, you sport a look “out of the beach” all year round. Guaranteed effect!

Brown and natural version, the lengths degrade, taper and undulate for an irregular finish and an almost “mullet” cut that we thought had definitely been forgotten but which is nevertheless making a big comeback this year!

Blond, DESSANGE signature

The diaphanous blonde promises to be the flagship color of this summer 2018. The addition of extensions will allow you to change the color according to the mood, the occasion or the desire of the moment. Pastel shades such as bluish gray, orange and pink, for their part, will give a playful or tangy side to your color.

Californian Balayage, a classic designed by DESSANGE, takes on its full dimension here. Different shades of blonde for an incomparable depth effect, all in contrasts. The wavy effect will give you a relaxed look and provide shape and volume to your hair.

The classic revisited

The bob is also one of the timeless pieces of this season, still trendy in this spring-summer 2018. Revisited to give a touch of modernity thanks to its natural styling and its soft chestnut brown, this cut is made using a light sweep on the top of the head then lightened on the ends. It is an excellent choice to stay on trend while following the codes of an elegant hairstyle.

Long but flat hair or short hair that grows back too slowly … Many of us want to give Mother Nature a helping hand. Fortunately, extensions are made for that! Here, the lengths are then degraded with lighter ends and the locks smoothed at the root then expertly waved for a wildly sophisticated effect. We love !

The braided tie

Far from running out of steam, the fashion for the braid seems set to last: it matches all styles and all ages! The bohemian style is therefore once again in the spotlight this summer, both on short hair and on long hair with this colorful two-strand “crown” braid. or its inverted version attached by the point at the top of the neck. This 100% chic and summery hairstyle will give you a refined and modern look!

These spring-summer 2018 hairstyle trends inspired by the idyllic Californian beaches are not to be missed and to be adopted urgently by visiting the DESSANGE salon closest to you!

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