Our 4 post-containment beauty commandments

Our 4 post-containment beauty commandments

Our 4 post-containment beauty commandments

That’s it ! For more than 10 days now, the confinement has ended. So even if this is not (yet) synonymous with total freedom, we can still be happy to be able to resume certain good habits. DESSANGE lists the 4 beauty commandments to follow, post confinement.

1) Farewell to damaged roots and tips you will say, new head you will welcome

Your DESSANGE salons have reopened their doors. You can now make an appointment to perform the service of your choice. Whether it is for a cut, a color or a hairstyle, the collaborators of your salon will be delighted to welcome you again after this long truce! For your safety, our hygiene measures have been reinforced to ensure all hairdressing services. So now is the time to let yourself be tempted by the hair changes that made your eye during this confinement! The opportunity for you to perhaps change your mind with summer gradually coming to the end of its nose … Or simply to refresh your cut and / or your sweep.

2) of your nails you will take care

Spring is here, accompanied by a hot sun forcing us (for our greatest pleasure) to bring out our most beautiful open shoes! But who says open shoes, necessarily says impeccable nails. On your hands or feet, your nails must be flawless. What could be better after this grim period than to give your hands and feet some color to cheer up your spirits? Bet on pop and pastel shades to match the season: orange, pink, yellow, green … not to mention lilac, very fashionable at the moment.

3) Your hands you will protect

We all know that deconfinement unfortunately does not sign the end of the epidemic. With the reopening of many brands as well as a regained semi-freedom, it is more than ever advisable to respect the barrier gestures to continue to ensure the safety of all. This essentially involves very frequent hand washing and the use of hydroalcoholic gel in all public places. These are ultra effective in protecting us from Covid-19 but can be abrasive for our skin and mainly for that of the hands, on the front line of these repeated washes. To avoid developing dryness and chapping in this area, be sure to dry your hands well after each wash to prevent the remaining water from drying out your skin even more. As soon as you feel that your skin is sensitized, moisturize it with a hand cream, several times a day if necessary. Finally, consider the exfoliation once a week to remove dead skin.

4) Your gaze you will emphasize

Whether disposable or custom fabric, the mask is not the most glamorous accessory we could have thought of to accompany our summer. It is clear that it will be on everyone’s faces for many more weeks to come. But then, does this mean that we must abandon all traces of makeup on the pretext that it will not be seen? Or worse, that it will be visible especially inside our mask following an excess of perspiration after spending 30 minutes wearing it? In this period, it is obvious that it is better to favor eye makeup, the only visible area even when wearing a mask. For that, put the accent on your eyes and your eyebrows: intense black mascara, eyebrow pens or gels will be your best allies! On the complexion side, favor a light texture to avoid transfers: a BB cream protected by a makeup setting spray seems to be the perfect duo. Regarding the lips, of course we advise you to wait to remove your mask before applying it and thus avoid any transfers and / or smudges.

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