our advice to fight against dry skin

our advice to fight against dry skin

our advice to fight against dry skin

You are perhaps one of those people who have noticed some changes on the side of their skin since the start of confinement… Among these most frequent changes is dry skin. DESSANGE explains the causes of this inconvenience and gives you advice on how to remedy this problem.

What are the signs of dry skin?

On the face, dry skin is characterized mainly by sensations of tingling and tightness. The complexion may lack radiance and appear dull. It can also lead to premature aging of the skin, with the appearance of fine lines. On the body, dry skin is manifested by the same tingling and tightness sensation with the addition of the possibility of slight flaking, signs of dehydrated skin.

Why is your skin drier in confinement?

Are you feeling tight and feeling like you need to double your daily dose of moisturizer? Rest assured, it’s normal these days. Indeed, in reaction to the health crisis we are experiencing, some cities have decided to add chlorine to their drinking water network. With the shutdown of the activities of a large part of the companies, consumption has also decreased. As a result, the water stays longer in the pipes and the chlorine helps to guarantee its quality during its transport through the distribution networks. The water we consume is therefore more cleansed with the disadvantage of being more aggressive for the skin.

Another explanation, spending all (or almost) of our time at home, we are constantly exposed to heating devices which can also lead to drier air, responsible among other things for dryness of the skin, irritation. sinuses and throat or itchy eyes. In fact, the more humid the air, the more the skin will be able to stay hydrated by retaining heat in its stratum corneum (outermost layer of the epidermis). Conversely, the drier the air, the more moisture it removes from our skin. The good news is that in the last few weeks, the weather has greatly improved to give way to beautiful and balmy spring days. It will therefore be much less necessary to use this type of heating device.

Finally, last but not least: stress. The latter is known to damage the barrier function of the skin. When our mental health is disrupted, the skin regenerates less well and becomes fragile, which can cause the weakening of the body’s defense cells. The skin then becomes more sensitive to external aggressions.

How to fight against this skin dryness?

If you think your dry skin is coming from your tap water, try to space your showers and use a “localized” toilet. Moisturize your face and body daily with a suitable cream.
Remember to ventilate your home very often (about 3 times a day for at least 10 minutes) to humidify the air you live in and turn off the heating as much as possible.
To avoid stress, try to move away as much as possible from any anxiety-provoking climate and try to relax and escape through activities and contacts that are positive for your mental health.

What products can I use to relieve this problem?

For your face, be sure to use a makeup remover and a gentle face cleanser to keep your skin balanced. Accompany the application with delicate gestures so as not to further sensitize your skin. Remember to moisturize your epidermis with appropriate targeted care: serum specific to your skin type, eye and lip contour care and day / night cream. Do not hesitate to massage your face when applying your treatments, this will allow them to penetrate completely and deeply for maximum benefits.

For your body, use a gentle shower gel that protects the skin’s moisture and strengthens its natural protective barrier. We recommend that you hydrate your body daily, if possible before you see the first signs of dryness. Do not hesitate to multiply these actions as many times as your skin needs them.

Finally, a simple but more than important tip for maintaining maximum hydration: drink, drink, drink! Water, tea, broth or any other food rich in water will be your allies to keep skin well hydrated from the inside.

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