our “green” selection for all hair types

our "green" selection for all hair types

our “green” selection for all hair types

Who has never dreamed of a healthy, voluminous, shiny, silky mane…? In this quest we take refuge behind our shampoos, conditioners, oils and treatments of all kinds. The problem is that if you want to do too much, you end up suffocating the hair and producing the opposite effect. In order to avoid this, it is important to choose good products that respect the environment, but also the health of your hair. The editorial staff has selected a few small nuggets for you.

1 – The solid conditioner from Umaï

Only 7 ingredients natural and an flawless efficiency. If we can blame some products that respect the environment and the hair for not keeping their promise, this is not the case with this solid conditioner Umaï. Enriched with flax seed and oat kernel oil, he leaves the soft and untangled hair. Tested & approved!

The little bonus: his good smell that will not fail to make you travel to the heart of the Orient. Her fully biodegradable formula made in France will satisfy, what is more, the most fervent defenders on the planet. We validate 100%!

40g or 60 washes on average

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2 – Nettle conditioner, Logona: shine objective

Is your hair a little dull? This conditioner suitable for all hair types could be the solution. THE’nettle bring them minerals and vitamins necessary to strengthen the hair and restore its natural beauty. It will also have the effect of limit their fall. It’s worth taking a few minutes after shampooing to apply this treatment, isn’t it?

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3 – Conditioner balm, Centifolia

In addition to his absolutely bewitching raspberry smell, this balm detangles and nourishes all types of hair without weighing it down. The sweet almond protein and thejojoba oil allow to facilitate styling. A winning combo to test as soon as possible!

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4 – The solid conditioner, Lamazuna

Detangle and feed, that is the promise of this solid conditioner. Special mention for your curls that will be redesigned as desired ! 100% natural origin, It is certified organic COSMOS Organic. So let yourself be carried away by its citrus and basil notes. You will tell us the news!

60 washes on average (7 months at the rate of 2 uses per week)

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5 – Màdara shine conditioner: ideal for colored hair

Who says colored hair says special needs, namely protection and in-depth nutrition. This is precisely the primary utility of this conditioner which is specially formulated for colored hair. He preserves hair color and protects it while restoring the hair fiber. Of the plantain leaf and of chestnut tree to the delight of your scalp and the link for its antioxidant and rebalancing properties. To you a maximum of shine!

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6 – Shea & Sunflower Solid Conditioner, Slow Cosmétique

Here is a solid conditioner that nourishes lengths and ends, for some light and untangled hair ! Notice to your green soul, this is a care entirely made, cut and packaged by hand in Normandy. The ingredients that compose it are grown in France by small local producers (with the exception of shea butter, imported from Senegal since it cannot be found in France).

The cool little extra: do not throw away the packaging, plant it! It is sown with the seeds of the flowers of the honey fields. Beautiful hair and a lovely garden are yours!

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7 – Solid conditioner, Les soaps de Joya: for dry and damaged hair

We present to you the new best friend for those with dry and damaged hair. Nourishing thanks to murumuru butter, avocado and shea, this Les soaps de Joya conditioner will leave your supple, repaired, silky and shiny mane.

And for those who would like to avoid using a product containing essential oils (advice to pregnant women and very sensitive skin), we opt for their formula without. What more ?

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While the quest for naturalness is not always easy, here is a nice selection of green conditioners that will take care of your hair and the planet. Have you already tested them? Any other green conditioners to suggest? Come give us news and give us your recommendations on our forums.

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