Our hairstyle ideas for attending a wedding

Our hairstyle ideas for attending a wedding

Our hairstyle ideas for attending a wedding

With the onset of sunny days, the wedding season is on! But have you found the perfect hairstyle to go with your outfit? Between loose hairstyle or bun, the choice may seem difficult to make. DESSANGE helps you do the right thing for an appearance that will cause a sensation.

What hairstyle to choose when you are invited to a wedding?

The most popular hairstyles for a wedding are braids, updos and sometimes even loose hair. A wide range of possibilities is therefore available to you. However, it is important to choose your hairstyle according to the outfit you have chosen to ensure that you look perfect, chic and elegant.

In addition to matching your hairstyle to your outfit, it is also important to create harmony with your makeup and find something that will allow you to fully express who you are.

If you have a strong temper, do not hesitate to choose a hairstyle combed-disheveled. This will allow you to leave a few strands in the wind without giving the impression of a sloppy hairstyle.

Accessories will also play an important role in your wedding guest hairstyle. They will allow you to dress your hair but also to bring a touch that will recall your outfit, or the theme of the wedding to which you are invited.

Choose your hairstyle according to the length of your hair

Guest hairstyles for short hair

Are you a fan of the short bob or the boyish cut, but you don’t know how to show off your hair for the wedding you’re invited to? DESSANGE has the solution for you.

Even with having short hair, you have a choice regarding your wedding guest hairstyle. You can leave your hair loose or partially tied with a braid made using just a few strands. You can also go for a cute short cut with a tapered section or a boyish cut.

To enhance your hairstyle, do not ignore the accessories. Headband, headband or flower crown will bring originality and romance to your hairdresser.

To sublimate your short hair, do not hesitate to make ripples that will bring movement and a little volume much appreciated on a wedding day.

Guest hairstyles for medium hair

If you want to keep your hair loose, DESSANGE recommends a Celtic knot. Easy to achieve, this hairstyle is ideal if you are invited to a wedding.

If you want to tie your hair up, you can go for a fuzzy bun. Ideally low so as not to be hampered by the hair escaping from it.

You can also add hair jewelry like barrettes or natural flowers to it. So that your hairstyle stays in place until the end of the night, do not hesitate to use fixing products.

If you have bangs or curtain strands, feel free to leave it for dress up your face and bring even more detail to your hairstyle.

If the mood of the wedding is formal, you can opt for a chic tight bun that could not be more elegant.

Guest hairstyles for long hair

If you have long hair, then you are lucky that you can achieve all the hairstyles you want when you are invited to a wedding. Between the hair attached or loose, with or without volume, nothing can stop you, you can afford anything.

For a hairstyle that gives off your face, prefer the half-ponytail. To do this, separate your hair into two sections and pull back the upper part that you will tie with an elastic or a barrette according to your choice. For a slightly more elaborate hairstyle, you can create some wavy movements and add accessories to your hair.

You can also opt for a ponytail on the side. All you need to do is flatten your hair on the top and add volume to your hairstyle by making waves for a more festive look.

If you want to add a little fantasy to your hair, you can use a lace scrunchie or a flower crown.

DESSANGE advises you to prepare your hair so that it is as beautiful as possible with leave-in care. They will bring the nutrients and hydration your hair needs to stay flexible and shiny.

The bun: the star hairstyle for wedding guests

For a wedding, several types of bun can be made such as the high bun, the loose bun, the braided bun, the low bun or the banana bun. Depending on your hair type and the length of the latter, your DESSANGE expert can advise you on the bun that will enhance your face the most.

If you have shoulder length hair, there’s nothing like a classic bun. For a slightly more elaborate hairstyle, twist back and braid each side of your face, starting at the front. Tie everything to the twist you have previously made.

If you have long hair and are looking for a little originality, the knot bun is for you. Chic and at the same time relaxed, this bun will be perfect with a flower crown.

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