Our ritual to be beautiful when you wake up

Our ritual to be beautiful when you wake up

Our ritual to be beautiful when you wake up

During the end of the year celebrations, temptations and excesses are numerous: too fatty dinners, unlimited wines and champagne, lack of sleep, … It’s not easy to look radiant the day after these festivities! It also seems very likely that you woke up with a dull complexion and drawn features with a pretty unsightly button. Here are some beauty tips to integrate into your ritual to be beautiful from evening to morning!

Gesture number 1: Make-up removal

With the fatigue accumulated on the evenings of December 24, 25 and 31, we are quickly tempted to slip under the duvet without even thinking of removing make-up. Error … Number 1! The make-up removal step is essential to wake up beautifully. Before going to bed, maintain the natural radiance of your skin by applying cleansing and make-up removing water that is soft and comfortable for your skin. In addition to purifying it, this express makeup remover will deeply hydrate your skin since it contains a vegetable oil: blackberry.

Another advantage, micellar water is suitable for all skin types and presents no risk of aggression for it!

Gesture number 2: hydration

Night is the most dreaded time for your skin! During this phase of sleep, your skin tends to become particularly dehydrated. Refilling it with water thanks to a facial treatment will allow you to restore its radiance and wake up beautiful and rested. A real boost!

After purifying your skin with our Micellar Water for Face and Eyes, treat yourself to a moment of softness with a detoxifying night cream. This will allow you to relieve your skin of external aggressions accumulated throughout the day and to stimulate its cell renewal. In the morning, your skin will be replenished and will instantly appear smoother.

To maintain this natural glow, complete your detoxifying treatment with an eye treatment. True SOS care for tired eyes, it eliminates dark circles and puffiness in a single gesture and illuminates your eyes, as after a good night’s sleep!

Gesture number 3: hair also deserves its beauty minute!

Hair is also subjected to daily aggressions: pollution, rain, wind, stress, …. The latest? Your festive meal! Yes Ladies, diet also influences – and directly – the beauty of your hair. If our first advice is to eat a healthy, varied and balanced diet; the second would be to give yourself a break to take care of your scalp. So take some time for yourself before going to bed and gently massage your scalp using an Aloe Vera Serum. Then go join Morphée without rinsing the treatment! When you wake up, your scalp is relaxed, hydrated and more comfortable.

So, are you ready to face the day?

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