Our secrets to putting an end to flat hair!

Our secrets to putting an end to flat hair!

Our secrets to putting an end to flat hair!

Many of us despair of our straightened hair. It is true that fine hair struggles to find the volume it deserves … But rest assured, nothing is irremediable!

DESSANGE gives you here its precious advice, simple and quick to obtain voluminous hair in just a few steps.

What products to use on a daily basis?

First of all, using a volume shampoo will allow your hair to be perfectly cleansed and light. As a result, your fine hair will look fuller.
After washing, use a towel to wring out your hair well.
Once done, use a hair volume spray which will bring a “tutor effect” to your roots for a natural volume effect. You can then finalize your brushing using your hair dryer set to a medium temperature (if your device allows it), head down, peeling your roots with your fingers to maximize the volume effect. Finish styling with the cold air function to fix the movement.

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How to get volume from the root?

To take off the roots, take the hair in the opposite direction of its growth. Hold the wick in your hand then place your brush at the root. Dry your wick while pulling and wrapping it around your brush. Repeat this movement all over the hair.

Curlers are also effective: place them on your dry hair, spray hairspray at the roots and blow dry with your hair dryer.

You can also lightly backcomb your locks at the root using your comb and then lacquer them with the natural fixing lacquer which will keep your hairstyle flexible for a natural finish, without residue and for a long-lasting volume effect (be careful, however, not to do not abuse this technique which still weakens the hair).
Another tip: slightly shifting your line a few millimeters each day will make you gain in volume. Astonishing, isn’t it? Try !
Dry shampoo is also a great ally for combating flat, oily hair: it will absorb excess sebum at the roots and restore volume. To do this, lightly spray your roots, massage the scalp, then get rid of the excess powder with a brush or comb.

Finally, tying your hair into a high ponytail or braiding it will also help gain volume but if your hair is very thin it might not last very long. It is therefore better to bet on targeted and adapted products such as DESSANGE texturizing powder, which will bring texture to your hair and help take off the roots for a guaranteed volume effect.

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The choice of your cut

If you have fine hair and want to add more volume to your hair, know that the choice of your cut can be decisive.
Indeed, some cuts or hairstyles allow you to naturally generate more volume and thus give more shape to your hair. This is the case, for example, of the gradient or the plunging bob, which are ideal haircuts if your hair is thin and straight..
Long hair (below the collarbone) will tend to weigh down the hair and therefore accentuate the “raplapla” effect. To avoid this kind of problem, it is essential to adopt a structured cut adapted to your features and your hair texture.

Finally, it’s not just scissors that can help you get volume.
Indeed, the color of the hair also plays a lot. It is easy to gain bulk by creating a play of light and shadow with a darker color at the root and lighter at the tips. A sunlight scan may be enough, it is not necessary to go to light blond to obtain the desired result: 2 or 3 tones of difference can be enough to create a contrast that will enhance the volume.
In addition, the fact of bleaching even slightly his hair, transforms the structure of the latter by ‘oxidizing’ them, which can naturally give more hold and volume to the hair during styling.

To know the cut style best suited to your body type and to avoid the tired hair effect, we advise you to make an appointment at the DESSANGE salon closest to you!

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