Our tips for taking care of your hair during quarantine

Our tips for taking care of your hair during quarantine

Our tips for taking care of your hair during quarantine

The unprecedented period we are going through forces most of us to stay at home for several weeks. So certainly, the beautiful days are coming and we can not take advantage of them as we would like, of course it is not very pleasant to be forced to stay away from family and friends, but deep down, there is still some advantages of staying quietly at home, no? This is the conclusion we have drawn at DESSANGE and we will explain why.

Staying with us allows us to have more time to take care of our well-being and our beauty! Indeed, how many times have you said to yourself that you have to test such and such a product without ever having enough time to do so? Because it is true that our body, and more precisely our hair, requires maintenance. So here are some tips you can apply right now:

Space out shampoos

How often should you wash your hair? This is a question that comes up often and unfortunately there is no answer that can be valid for everyone. Indeed, it depends above all on your type of hair.
On the other hand, it is not recommended to wash them every day (risk of roots which grease faster, drier hair, appearance of dandruff, etc.). Since we are doomed to stay at home and no longer see many people, why not take the opportunity to space out your shampoos a little? Be careful, it is not a question of letting go completely and waiting until your hair is greasy to wash it, but simply to leave an extra day compared to your habits between your shampoos. This will allow them to enter, after a few days, into a new cycle of equilibrium where they will no longer need to be washed as often. They will come out stronger and more beautiful! And all that, pile for the end of the confinement!

Take the time to properly apply your mask

Very often, the question of the hair mask raises that of the conditioner: what is the difference between the two? The conditioner often has only a detangling and “beautifying” action, but does not treat the hair in depth. The mask is a more complete treatment, generally responding to a specific hair problem: brittle hair, dry hair, colored hair, …
The mask can be applied once or twice a week, not necessarily after each shampoo. However, given the context, why not take the opportunity to use it a little more often and let it act a little longer?
After your shampoo and on towel-dried hair, apply a small amount of product to the lengths and ends (not at the roots because the mask is very rich, it risks “plumbing” your hair), then massage in for a few minutes, strand by strand. Then rinse thoroughly, preferably with cold water, in order to tighten the scales of the hair and thus boost their shine.

Use new treatments

This period is favorable to the discovery of products usually unused (or little) due to lack of time. However, some can be essential in your beauty routine. For example, the exfoliating shampoo. Indeed, we tend to forget it, but under our hair is the scalp, very often abused on a daily basis by pollution, styling products, sebum, etc. To take care of it, it is necessary to use weekly and before its classic shampoo, an exfoliating / exfoliating shampoo. Thanks to the grains of which it is composed, this shampoo activates the microcirculation of the scalp and eliminates impurities. Thus, the scalp is healthier and better stimulated, the hair is stronger and shinier. They are also better prepared to accommodate other treatments, such as a mask (in the same way that a moisturizer penetrates better after a scrub, on skin devoid of dead cells). Take the opportunity to massage your scalp which will act on your nervous system, by oxygenating the vascular network. In addition to being pleasant, it helps relieve stress and promote hair growth.

Also once a week, take the time to apply a pre-shampoo treatment or an oil adapted to your hair type, on your lengths and on your ends. This will repair, hydrate and deeply nourish the hair fiber. Generally, the treatment before shampooing is applied to dry or damp hair. In the case of an oil, you can even leave it on overnight, while protecting your pillowcase with a towel. In any case, leave on for at least twenty minutes, more if you wish. You can then use your usual shampoo. The formula envelops the hair fiber and reinforces the hydration of the hair, preventing the shampoo from removing the sebum that protects it. It is ideal for dry and weakened hair, but also for fine hair, which will thus benefit from the care, without weighing down the hair (on condition of always avoiding an application at the roots).

We hope you find these tips helpful and look forward to seeing you again. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact your salon directly by email or phone. And above all, take care of yourself! Goodbye.

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