Peloton Has A Shock Response To Sex And The City Reboot

Peloton Has A Shock Response To Sex And The City Reboot

L.A, 2021-12-13 09:26:54. Peloton Has A Shock Response To Sex And The City Reboot

This article contains spoilers about the first episode of “And Just Like That…”

Mr. Page is alive. At least, according to Peloton.

Mr.’s character was killed. Big riding a Peloton in the first episode of the Sex and the City reboot, “And Just Like That…” shocked fans. But a new ad for the company, released just three days after the premiere, reclaims the narrative.

The ad opens with Chris Noth, who plays Mr. Paige, sitting by a fireplace for a romance with Jess King, the real-life Peloton coach who also played a part in the reboot.

“Should we take another ride? Life is too short not to,” says Page, as the camera pans on two Peloton bikes.

Next, an audio commentary by Ryan Reynolds conveys the benefits of cycling, such as improving the heart, lungs and circulation and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In the end, Reynolds said, “He’s alive.”

The reboot of HBO’s hit show “Sex and the City” is back on screen with a much-anticipated reunion Thursday. HBO Max, like CNN, is part of WarnerMedia.

After the Peloton boomed during the pandemic, sales plummeted as people slowly returned to their normal lives. Last month, the company revealed that sales of its Peloton stationary bikes and treadmills fell 17% last quarter. These two machines make up 60% of its business.

Peloton shares plunged more than 11% on the day of the “And Just Like That” premiere when Mr. Page died after riding a bike.

A Peloton representative responded to the unexpected story in a statement to the Los Angeles Times.

“SATC fans, like me, are saddened by the news of Mr. Page’s death of a heart attack,” Dr. Susan Steinbaum, a member of the Peloton Health and Wellness Advisory Board and a preventive cardiologist, told the Los Angeles Times. “Mr. Page led what many call an extravagant lifestyle – including cocktails, cigars and big steak – and was in grave danger as he had a previous cardiac event in season six.”

Steinbaum added: “These lifestyle choices and perhaps even his family history, which is often an important factor, was the likely cause of his death. Riding his Peloton bike may have helped delay his exposure to heart disease.”

CNN’s Chloe Millas and Parija Bhatnagar contributed to this report.

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