Pixie Lott’s Low back twist

Pixie Lott's Low back twist

Pixie Lott’s Low back twist

Pixie Lott had a blast on the red carpet, posing for the many photographers present as she climbed the stairs. For its 3rd Cannes Film Festival, the british singer sported a Yamina Couture maxi dress, which consisted of a strapless blue velvet top and a tulle skirt in a paler shade of blue.

To highlight the shape of the head and cut with this rather classic look, our studio hairdresser DESSANGE Pierre Saint Sever, made a most original and neat attachment.

Here are his tips if you want to reproduce it:

Step 1:

Brush then completely straighten your hair (towards the back) with your straightener.

Step 2:

Work the lengths by applying a good amount of DESSANGE Tip Polishing Serum to create maximum shine and that wet / oily effect.

Step 3:

Apply DESSANGE Style Fixing Spray, parting by parting, starting at the nape of the neck and working up to the front of your head to create your look.

Step 4:

Using your comb, draw a parting on one side or the other of your head, then straighten your hair on both sides by bringing it back to the back.

Step 5:

Dry the whole with the diffuser tip of your hair dryer (circular tip provided with clips to clip at the end of the dryer) to harden the product and fix the hairstyle.

Step 6:

Once the hair is dry, make a low and relaxed ponytail (do not pull it too tight at the base of the neck) and let the tips of your tail come out upwards during the last turn of the elastic.

Step 7:

Use a ribbon to position over the elastic holding your hair to on the one hand, hide it, but also to bring a touch of originality to your hairstyle.

Our pro tip: As for the tie of your hairstyle, choose a ribbon to match your outfit to hide the rubber elastic.

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