Prince Charles displays the largest exhibition of his paintings

Prince Charles displays the largest exhibition of his paintings

L.A, 2022-01-12 14:52:51. Prince Charles displays the largest exhibition of his paintings

In his biggest watercolor exhibition to date, painting enthusiast Prince Charles described the restorative benefits of art, saying it “transports me to another dimension”.

The heir to the British throne continued that drawing was “one of the most relaxing and healing exercises I know”, adding that his hobby “revives parts of the soul that other activities cannot reach”.

Comments appear on a gallery display board in a new show that collects 79 of Prince’s landscape paintings. The works, on display in London through mid-February, show scenes from the French countryside, the Scottish Highlands and Tanzania, and are “one of the Prince’s favorite places to paint,” according to a press release from his educational charity, The Prince’s Foundation. .

“I took up painting entirely because I found photography to be less of my disease,” he was quoted as saying. “Quite simply, I felt an overwhelming desire to express what I saw through the medium of watercolor and convey this almost ‘inner’ sense of texture that is impossible to achieve through photography.”

According to his official website, the Prince, like his grandmother, Queen Victoria I, is a “passionate watercolor designer” and “paints whenever his schedule permits”. He regularly photographed royal family estates, including Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House, and has also produced watercolors in Turkey, Nepal, and the Swiss Alps.

Prince admitted in the exhibition script that he was “appalled at how bad” his early works were.

“I don’t have the illusion that my drawings represent great art or a burgeoning talent!” he added. “They represent, more than anything else, my special form of ‘photo album’, and therefore, they represent a lot to me.”

Although Prince does not sell his watercolors, lithographs of his works are used to raise money for his charitable fund. In 2016, Britain’s Daily Telegraph reported that he had sold nearly two million pounds ($2.7 million) from a shop in his residence in Highgrove House.

In 1994, the British Royal Mail featured Charles’s landscape paintings on a series of postage stamps marking the 25th anniversary of his official recognition as the Prince of Wales. The Australian National Museum also exhibited many of his works in 2018 to mark his 70th birthday. Two decades ago, for his fiftieth birthday, about 50 watercolors were on display at Hampton Court Palace, the residence of his predecessor Henry VIII.

Rosie Alderton, curator of the New London Gallery, said in a press release that the prince “loves to sit in the realistic environment and paint ‘en plein air'”, adding: ‘His passion for creating beautiful art is strongly reflected in this. Exhibition.”

Watercolors are on display at the Garrison Chapel at Chelsea Barracks, a converted military barracks in London’s upscale Belgravia district. Also on display is a tapestry inspired by one of the prince’s paintings, Abandoned Cottage on Stroma Island, which weaver Ben Hymers took eight months to complete.

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