Prince Harry and Elton John sue the Daily Mail for privacy violations

Prince Harry and Elton John sue the Daily Mail for privacy violations

Sydney, 2022-10-06 14:19:33. Prince Harry and Elton John sue the Daily Mail for privacy violations

A law firm affiliated with some members of the group said, Thursday, that Britain’s Prince Harry, singer Elton John and other individuals have filed a legal case against the publisher of the Daily Mail, alleging phone wiretapping and other breaches of privacy.

The Associated Newspapers, publisher of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday and Mail Online, one of the world’s most widely read news websites, said it denied the allegations “categorically and unequivocally.”

Others implicated in the lawsuit are actresses Elizabeth Hurley and Sadie Frost, husband of Elton John and director David Furnish, and Doreen Lawrence, mother of black teenager Stephen Lawrence who was killed in a racist attack in 1993.

The law firm Hamlins said in a statement that the individuals had learned of “extremely disturbing” evidence of a breach of privacy by Associated Newspapers.

It said the breaches included placing listening devices inside people’s cars and homes, commissioning the wiretapping of live and private phone calls, paying police officials to obtain sensitive information, and impersonating people to obtain medical records.

“They have now come together to expose the truth, and to hold journalists fully accountable, many of whom continue to hold high positions of power and power to this day,” Hamlins said in her statement.

Hamlins said he represented Harry, the youngest son of King Charles and Frost, while Lawrence, Hurley, John and Furnish represented the law firm Gunnercock.

A spokesperson for the publisher said: “We categorically and unequivocally refute these unreasonable distortions that appear to be nothing more than a planned and pre-coordinated attempt to drag mail addresses into the telephone hacking scandal relating to articles up to 30 years old.”

“These baseless and highly defamatory allegations – which are not based on credible evidence – appear to be just a fishing trip by the plaintiffs and their attorneys, some of whom have already filed cases elsewhere.”

Previous action

Harry, Duke of Sussex, has filed a number of lawsuits against Associated Newspapers.

He is currently suing the Mail on Sunday for defamation over an article that stated he tried to keep secret details of his legal struggle to restore police protection, and last year he won damages from the same newspaper over allegations he turned his back on the Royal Marines.

His wife Megan also won a privacy lawsuit against the publisher last December for printing a letter she had written to her estranged father.

The couple’s relations with the British tabloid broke down after their marriage in 2018, and they had previously said they would have nothing to do with four major British newspapers, including the Daily Mail, accusing them of false and unfair coverage.

Media intrusion was a major factor they cited in their decision to step down from royal duties and move to the United States two years ago.

Elton John also defended the couple himself after newspapers accused them of hypocrisy for using his private jet to stay at his home in southern France while calling for action to tackle climate change.

A spokesperson for the couple said they had no comment other than Hamlins’ statement.

Others involved in the lawsuit have also filed legal suits against major media organizations. Frost was awarded £260,250 ($290,595.15) in 2015 after she and seven other famous people sued Mirror Group newspapers for hacking messages on their phones.

Hurley, John and French also settled phone hacking lawsuits against News Group Newspapers — the publisher of the now-defunct News of the World — shortly before the trial in 2019.

An eight-month criminal trial over hacking at News of the World in 2014 resulted in the conviction of former editor Andy Coulson, who later went on to work with then-Prime Minister David Cameron as its head of communications.

(Writing by Sachin Ravikumar and Michael Holden, Editing by William James and Mark Heinrich)

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