Protecting your hair in summer: the solutions to adopt

Protecting your hair in summer: the solutions to adopt

Protecting your hair in summer: the solutions to adopt

No matter the length or color of her hair, women all dread the summer season a little, and especially the sun and swimming. Do you want to know how to protect your hair in summer? Follow these little tips for a relaxing vacation!

1 – How to avoid the straw effect?

The most undesirable effect of summer: by dint of being confronted with repeated swimming, showers and tanning sessions, our hair is victims of the “straw effect”. The best solution to combat is to apply repair masks after each shampoo.

2 – Manage the forks in summer

Hair dryness most often results in by the appearance of unsightly forks. You will hardly be able to avoid them even by systematically moisturizing your hair. We recommend you regularly cut anything that is damaged.

3 – What hairstyle to adopt at the beach or at the swimming pool?

The best thing to do to avoid getting sand in your hair or being embarrassed by the wind is to tie them up when you are in the open. You can also choose to block them with a pretty straw hat for example.

4 – How to protect your coloring from the sun?

First reflex: remember to color at least one month before you go on vacation. Exposure of freshly colored hair to the sun is extremely bad and can destroy the hair fiber. Second tip: invest in anti UV hair sprays that match a nice hat or cap.

5 – My blonde hair is turning green

Chlorine in swimming pools has a detrimental effect on blonde hair and can cause it to turn green. Think of wash your head with fresh water and a purifying shampoo directly after leaving the pool. If the problem persists, schedule an appointment with the hairdresser so that he catches up your hair color and gives you the best advice to prevent it from turning green again!

6 – eat fish and fruit

And yes as amazing as it sounds, your diet has a direct effect on the quality of your hair. To protect her hair in summer and give it strength, let loose on fish, vegetables and all orange fruits (rich in carotene).

7 – An olive oil bath at night

Once a week and when your hair is really at a marginal stage, coat them with olive oil (very good quality and virgin) before sleeping. Secure everything with a hot towel and treat yourself to a (mild) shampoo session as soon as you wake up.

8 – Head for the hairdressing salon on your way home

To top it off, don’t forget to make an appointment with your regular hairdresser as soon as you get back from vacation. The loop is closed, now you know how to protect your hair in summer. Have a nice holiday !

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