Pure, the new DESSANGE spring-summer 2020 collection

Pure, the new DESSANGE spring-summer 2020 collection

Pure, the new DESSANGE spring-summer 2020 collection

Pure, this is how the new DESSANGE collection is defined.
Today, femininity is becoming a natural attitude that dispenses with artifice and breaks free from imposed codes. It is not a question of following the fashion but of affirming its identity, its individuality. The DESSANGE universe is at the same time plural, timeless, universal, and allows each woman to follow her instinct. The expertise and know-how of the House make it possible to express all the desires of women, and to adapt them according to their mood of the moment. This is what Emily and Charlotte, our two models, illustrate perfectly with the cuts and hairstyles of this new collection.


To give character to her degraded lengths, Emily chose Californian Balayage without fear of contrasts. The very marked highlighting on the tips offers a daring play of shadow and light, highlighted by a ponytail high perched which reveals darker roots. Chic and modern, this tie represents a real bias that boosts the look.

Short Square

Emily then gives in to the appeal of natural charm thanks to a Carré Court, fresh and airy, which saves thickness. No tapering or staking, but absolutely controlled straight lines which give a very light result: the square moves freely according to the movements. The Californian Balayage is again highlighted with a depth in the root and very clear ends, opposing nicely for a detached effect. Easy to use on a daily basis, it is put in place under the fingers when drying, and can be worked strand by strand with a small amount of DESSANGE mattifying modeling paste to bring relief.

Court Boyish *

Designed like a men’s cut, the “Court Boyish” is feminized by a taper at the back of the neck and on the contours of the face to give it all the elegance of an ultra-feminine short. On the styling side, the movement is worked with the fingers, before adding the DESSANGE texturizing powder at the root and crumpling the hair.

Infinite lengths

Charlotte has satisfied her dreams of lengths with a pose of extensions perfectly blended in a subtle gradient at the mid-lengths. The whole is then lightened using another gradient, carried out on the locks around her face. Charlotte’s color, a deep brown made with Chromadess ** hair color, is stunning in shine and depth. Styling is reduced to a minimum to preserve the flexibility of the lengths which are just sublimated with the DESSANGE tip polishing serum.

Graphic Square

Charlotte then opts for a Carré Graphique full of character. This cut fitted to the jawbone is topped with a long straight fringe that hides the eyebrows. Here, a technique called “glazing” has been expertly carried out to illuminate Charlotte’s color and attract all eyes. And to accentuate the finish straight *** which gives all its power to the cut, it suffices to work the dry hair with a straightening iron.

Curly ’80s

The 80s are back in force this spring! This “ball” cut is the perfect illustration. The locks on the top of the head are intentionally cut short enough to target the volume and create this controlled “ball” effect. Those on the side of the face and neck are on the contrary left longer. The finish generously curly and perfectly assumed, signs a determined and modern look. Styling is made easier thanks to the DESSANGE curl structuring mousse. It is applied to damp hair which is then gently dried in the diffuser. No styling product, to let the hair live, but possibly the use of a straightening iron on a few tips to transform the curl effect into a delightful “feather” effect.

Discover the new DESSANGE collection on www.dessange.com

* Boyish cut
** Available in Europe, in a selection of salons
*** Smooth

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