red to the tips of the ends!

red to the tips of the ends!

red to the tips of the ends!

Have you always dreamed of sporting flamboyant red hair without ever daring to take the plunge? 2021 may be your year! Indeed, the red is at the forefront this season. We find in particular two flagship shades: “Copper hair” and “Tiger Daylily”. Today, the editorial staff takes a full look at these two hairstyle trends and shares several photos with you to inspire you. Ready ladies? Let’s go !

The Tiger Daylily for a flamboyant red

Shunned for a long time, because it was considered “old-fashioned Pippi Longstocking”, the red smashing comeback in hairdressing salons. And this is largely due to Anya Taylor-Joy, the lead actress of the Netflix series “The Lady’s Game”. We are not the only ones to have succumbed. Many personalities, like Kylie Jenner, Zendaya or Gigi Hadid, let themselves be seduced.

This season, a red shade particularly emerges: the Tiger daylily, in homage to a bright orange flower, known for the beauty of its color.

Perfect coloring for all those who love bright and bright colors. Because unlike other red hues, it draws more towards red and orange. So she is ideal for women with very pale skin.

If you want to adopt it, we can only advise you to go to a hairdressing professional. He.she will know perfectly adapt to your hair, its texture and its length. Note, however, that the hairstyle will be more accessible to those who have a blonde base or light hair.

Don’t worry if you have dark hair: you can do it too, but you may need to one or two more sessions. Your hairdresser will lighten the base slightly by one or two tones and then layer colors with copper undertones. It will of course be necessary to ensure maintain the cut with shampoo for colored hair and specific care. Especially with the arrival of summer, swimming and UV rays.

The Cooper Hair for copper hair, all in nuances

Literally, we could translate this coloring by “copper hair”. As the name suggests, it is a permanent coloring technique that plays on the nuances. Unlike the Tiger Daylily which corresponds to a solid and flamboyant red color. The Cooper Hair is obtained by adopting a warm red base, illuminated with a lighter balayage with coppery undertones. This softens the overall color while giving relief to the hair.

The Cooper Hair is inspired by the technique of hair contouring : we just lighten the locks around the face in order to adapt to the morphology of each person. The locks structure and flatter the complexion gently, without forgetting toilluminate the lengths. A color neither too bright nor too dark which therefore flatters all hair types and skin tones. This winter, we also remember the reverse highlights trend which uses the same coloring techniques.

In the case of Cooper Hair, we also recommend that you go to a hairdressing professional. You can see it in the photos, the work of the bits and the dosage are precise and require a certain know-how. The Cooper Hair will require a regular maintenance in the salon and therefore a certain budget. Think about it before you start.

On our side, we take a full look at the natural maintenance of frizzy hair. We also present to you the “Mousy hair”, new replacement of the balayage. And finally, we tell you the incredible craze around this 70’s hairstyle inspired by Farrah Fawcett in person!

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