‘Rust’ investigation looking at Baldwin texts

'Rust' investigation looking at Baldwin texts

Sydney, 2022-11-19 13:31:24. ‘Rust’ investigation looking at Baldwin texts

Text messages pulled from Alec Baldwin’s phone in the days and weeks after the fatal shooting while filming “Rust” indicate that the actor was concerned the incident was the result of possible vandalism and questioned the Santa Fe Police Department’s ability to properly investigate this angle.

Baldwin’s text messages were among a trove of investigative items made public by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department on Friday in a 551-page document that also contains previously released forensic reports, search warrant statements, investigator records and witness statements.

Baldwin’s phone was handed over months after the killer shoot in October 2021 to cinematographer Helena Hutchins during a rehearsal for the movie, which was being shot near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

According to a supplementary report inside the case file, in a December thread of text messages, Baldwin advised Halina’s husband Matt Hutchins “It’s important to keep in mind: The Santa Fe Police Office may lack both the skill and the will to properly investigate vandalism at an angle. I’m told that their agenda She writes it off as an accident and dumps it on the civil courts.”

“I dismissed the vandalism allegation at first. But I don’t know (sic). I hope those NMs have the sense to follow it up,” Baldwin continued, telling Matt Hutchins that his attorneys filed “some anomalies” from the day of the shooting.

Earlier this month, Baldwin filed a lawsuit in California against multiple individuals associated with the “Rust” movie, according to a cross-check complaint obtained by CNN.

Baldwin told Matt Hutchins in another script, “The gun couldn’t have been fired at that camera angle. It was an angle on the gun being pulled out and…cut off. This setup never called for the gun to be fired. I told him there was something in common between me and Halena. He thought.” We both thought the gun was empty.”

In another letter, sent by Baldwin two days after the shooting, Baldwin texted his aide saying, “I have to delete my archives.”

And the report adds: “No further details about the meaning of this letter.”

“The email is not relevant to this matter,” Baldwin’s attorney, Luke Nicas, told CNN. “Mr. Baldwin was referring to his Twitter archive, which he had long considered deleting. He fully kept all records relating to ‘Rust’ and turned them over to the authorities for nearly a year.”

In an investigative report released Friday, a detective described Baldwin as a collaborator in the chaotic moments following the fatal shooting. When asked by the authorities if he was willing to make a statement, Baldwin reportedly told the deputies, “I will do whatever you tell me to do.”

The sheriff’s full investigative file has been turned over to the Santa Fe County District Attorney’s Office, which will determine whether to press charges in the case.

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